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I have error code e52, washer cycles 5 mins. then resets to

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I have error code e52, washer cycles 5 mins. then resets to start of cycle. ohms reading is 115 between pins 4&5, I replaced moter control board and console control board, still have e52 code, checked ohms reading between 1,2,&3 at motor, they were 5.7 ohms, is the motor bad? whats next
Hello and thanks for counting on us. My name is Justin. I'll require your FULL model and serial number to move forward with technical help.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

model #GLTF2940FS1 serial#XC90311395

Pin 1 to pin 2 --- 4 - 6 ohms

Pin 2 to pin 3 --- 4 - 6 ohms

Pin 1 to pin 3 --- 4 - 6 ohms

If these test correct (you mentioned pins 1,2, and 3, but you didn't reference them to each other, so I wasn't sure) then this means the windings are ok.

If you read 115 ohms at the pins 4 - 5, that suggests the tachometer is reading ok as as well. So, you did right by replacing the speed control board. The error codes aren't perfect though. Were you testing just at the motor pins, or where you testing through the wiring from the speed control to the motor. The latter would be preferred because it would include testing of the continuity of the wires as well.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

yes 115ohms at pins 4&5 at the harness that goes to the motor control board. Also tested motor and harness pin 1 to 2, 1 to 3 and 2 to 3, all tested 5.7 ohms. another test I ran with the washer was no clothes in the washer, it ran thru the cycle fine, put 6 or 7 pieces of laundry in it, tumbles for 5-6 mins then goes back to flashing restart of cycle.

Ok. What I want you to do is this. Measure pins 4 and 5 while also turning the large pulley with the belt on it. Start slowly and then increase speed. Do you see the meter changing numbers? The faster the speed you turn it manually, the larger the number should appear.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

as I turn the pulley the ohms go to 127. another intresting fact is that the drain/ spin cycle still works

Ok. I've seen this before where the tach reads ok, spins but fails in wash mode. In my situation, I found the motor was the problem. Remember, the spin ALWAYS goes in one direction only. It may be the opposing direction in wash (this turns both ways) that is causing the problem. If you replaced the speed control (the main control was unnecessary by the way for this error) and you're still having issues, this suggests the tach may be failing in the opposing direction. At ALL times, that tachometer is trying to be read by the speed control. If it doesn't like what it sees, it'll fail on you. Remember, the test is calling for a stationary reading. This reading does not mean the tach is stable while the motor is turning. I think you did everything right, but tech sheets aren't perfect. Sounds like the motor is indeed the problem.
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