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Magic Chef oven Mod #9475VRV: A "Beep - Beep - Beep -... goes

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Magic Chef oven Mod #9475VRV: A "Beep - Beep - Beep -... goes off sporadically with days in between. Currently it is doing so about every 30 seconds, for the last 20 minutes. Along with the "Beep..." is the message "-F 1-". The stove has not been used in days/weeks.

How do I turn it off - permanently if need be?
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the F-1 code means either one of your keys on the touch pad is sticking or the control board is bad.

F1 1. Watchdog on board
2. Touch membrane defective
To determine which component is at fault, disconnect ribbon strip. If NO fault code, replace membrane, otherwise replace board
you can try what it says to do if you have a few tools to get the membrane loose and unplug the ribbon that plugs into the clock/control.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Bryan, Thank you for your answer. It was clarifying, yet not a good solution, as even I was wiling to take the panel out, there was not enough information for me to really know how to do it. The friend's house I am visiting didn't want me to take it apart so it's a mute issue.


I feel you did well as far as you answer went. Letting me know where I could get further instructions (or that there is no place) would have been helpful or I could have asked a 2nd question.


Fortunately the Beeping has stopped. Thank you for your effort. Tom