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romr2009, Repair Technician
Category: Appliance
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We have a Incognito G 843 SCVI that is not pumping off water;

Resolved Question:

We have a Incognito G 843 SCVI that is not pumping off water; we have cleaned the drain pump and non-return valve without clearing up the problem.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  romr2009 replied 4 years ago.

Hello Robert and thanks for choosing the Appliance category.

  • Check the air gap that drains from the dishwasher into the garbage disposal.



  • Cut off power at the circuit breaker (near the electric meter usually labeled D/W).
  • ----- Wait 20 minutes. -----
  • Re-apply power.


Check the air gap for obstructions in the drain:

  • Turn off the power for the dishwasher at the circuit breaker panel (usually labeled D/W).
  • Check your air gap for partial clogging (and the resultant impaired draining of dirty dishwater).
  • You can either stick your gloved finger into the outlet hole inside the garbage disposal to probe for blockage or remove the air gap cover and place a heavy drinking glass over it to catch the jet of water shooting up.


  • If you have the less expensive air gap you don't have a screw-on cap under the chrome cover: the cap can be removed by using two thin screwdrivers to pry up both plastic tabs at the same time.


  • Click the link below for a video.


  • Then turn the circuit breaker back on to test the pump again.


  • The air gap usually gives a clear indication of the level of blockage by either leaking a little or a lot of water through the vent holes into the sink and by the sound of the water rushing through it.
  • It is easy to check the force of drain stream from the dishwasher pump to the air gap: remove the cap and cover of the air gap; place a clear, heavy glass over the air gap, move the dishwasher timer to the drain position, start the drain function, lift the glass to allow the water to escape and you should see a strong stream of water until the dishwasher empties all the water.
  • If the stream slows before the dishwasher is empties, you know you have a clog somewhere before the air gap.



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