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i have a kitchen aid gas range model number kgrs807sss and

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i have a kitchen aid gas range model number kgrs807sss and the problem im having is the gas part of the broil isnt working ive already replaced the electrode igniter amd still nothing also when i put it to bake it just preheats it never reaches temperature the coil gets hot but the screen doesnt display the degrees

appliancesupertech : specialize in ranges, dishwashers, microwaves, compactors, disposers and range hoods. Sorry you are having problems, let me look up some info and get back to you.
appliancesupertech : Does it try to light the burner, click and shut off? Also will the bake burner light?
Customer: it does try to light I hear two clicks but nothing lights and yes te bake element does glow bright orange but the display doesn't say that it reached temperature
appliancesupertech : Ok these are known to have stray spark problems. Look to see when it tries to light if it's sparking at the burner igniter or else where. Also is the bake gas burner light, you said it glows red. Sounds like you are talking
appliancesupertech : About the broil electic burner.
Customer: It doesn't spark at all and I checked for voltage at the igniter and it had 47 volts
appliancesupertech : Check igniter wire to board.
Customer: I did I didn't see any broken or spliced wires
appliancesupertech : If wire is good, you have a bad board or sometimes gas valve can make it act funny. If you have a meter, ohm out valve on bake and broil coil. Should have tech sheet on back.
Customer: Ok if it ohms out good then it's a bad board?
appliancesupertech : Yes
appliancesupertech : Why closed?
appliancesupertech : Disregard last message
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hey there's more than one board in there which board needs to be replaced?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Which board do I replace?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Which board is it that I need to replace
I will send you the part number info as soon as I can look it up.
If you open front control panel you will see a spark model behind it. When range is set in bake you should have 120v on pin 6 red- white wire. If voltage is good, replace spark module. If you don't have proper power on that pin, main board is bad. Part# for main board is 9762774 and spark. Module is part# w10331686.