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i have a white maytag wall double oven that doesnt have the

Customer Question

i have a white maytag wall double oven that doesn't have the model # XXXXX -- it has a digital read out with 4 raised push buttons under it, a small turn dial to the right of that, a push button oven light, a "feature" dial (oven, broiler, clean, etc), upper oven temperature dial and a lower oven temp dial.

i need to know the model for future reference; but my immediate need is to figure out what the "pot with vapors" image on the digital read out means. it sounds like there's a fan or motor running all the time in the oven now since that icon has popped up...
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Justin replied 5 years ago.
Hi there. The answer you seek cannot be provided by a description. The reason is, we use the model number to look up your information. This can't be done in reverse. However, if you are the first owner of the product.... did you send the registration card in? If you did, the manufacturer will have the information in their file. If not, do you have your owners manual? Sometimes the registration card gets stuck in there. If you have that card or have sent it in, that'll get you the information you require. The only thing I can remember a pot with vapors meaning is if you have a wall oven with a steam type cleaning system. Let me know if you think you sent your registration in. They can access your info with your name and address and/ or phone number. The number you'll want to call is 1 800 253 1301
Expert:  Justin replied 5 years ago.
One other thing, look below the door on the frame... some of the Maytag wall ovens put the model tag there. Also, another popular place is on the underside of the console.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Found the model # ... It's CWE5500ACE. Based on that, can you find what that icon means?
Expert:  Justin replied 5 years ago.

Awesome to hear. Hang tight for me while I research. What is the serial number as well? Was it below the lower door?

Expert:  Justin replied 5 years ago.

Hey Carole,

I looked up the technical archive on this model and there is nothing in there suggesting this icon. This icon is probably listed in your owners manual. Again, I could not locate it online. I looked at Maytag, Sears, and service matters online. The service manual was available, but nothing regarding the icons on the control were in the manual.

Expert:  Justin replied 5 years ago.

Ok, I found your manual I think. Go to this page

refer to page 6. In the right column, there is an icon there suggesting a time delay has been initiated? Let me know if this answers your question.