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Weve had a Bosch dishwasher since 2007. I May this year it

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We've had a Bosch dishwasher since 2007. I May this year it began to malfunction. For example, if it was set to run on "Quick Wash", it would run for several hours and continue even when it reached 1 minute. We called the registered Bosch service rep and when he arrived, he told me that the drain pump was the cause of the problem. I thought it "interesting" since I figured it was a control circuit. At any rate, he said he'd have to order the pump. I gave him a check for $205 for the pump and his service call.
After 3 months (literally) and numerous "excuses", he came to the house on Tues., Aug. 14 to do the "repair". He spent approxomately 30 minutes installing the pump and checking for proper operation. He then told my wife it was working and hit her up for about another $200 for the service call. I was out of town at the time.
In short, the dishwasher still continued doing what it had been doing. On Tues., Aug. 21, we had another service tech do some work on our washing machine and we asked him to look at our dishwasher. He immediately said it was on the control circuit board and he thought he couold "jury-rig" it until he could get another board in about a week.
I called the original supposed repair tech today (Aug. 22) and informed him I wanted all of our money back and that the dishwasher still was not working properly. He absolutly refused. He then caled me back later and offered to come back and look at it again and said that the drain pump can cause the problem we had. I flatly told him no and that he wasn't going to screw us anymore. This scumbags name isXXXXX of Appliance PArts and Service in Fairbanks Alaska and his phone # XXXXX XXXXX
My question is can this pump cause the problem we have/had and if so do you have any ideas as to how often the pump is the primary culprit?
Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX I am here to assist you. I have encountered this same exact problem with Bosch brand dishwasher. Never have I had to replace the drain pump for this issue. Every time I have encountered this situation it was one of three things. Either the control module, the thermostat (which is located on the bottom of the dishwasher), or the turbidity sensor (which is typically next to the thermostat). The majority of the time it was the thermostat had come loose in the holder and was hanging down to far so the dishwasher keeps running to try to get the heat up to proper temp. I have NEVER changed a drain pump for this issue and if the jerry rigging work vis the second tech then that definitely narrows it down to which one of the three things that can cause the problem. The first tech was wrong and if he was a true Bosch tech he should have run the diagnostics to find the problem. I am here for further assistance and thank you for your time and patience, Randy.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Not sure but suppose this is the location to give you a rating. I think you went above & beyond the answer to my question. Your adding the 3 most probabable causes of our problem was really appreciated.

Thank you. Are 4 stars availiable for you? Hope so.

Best Regards, Barry (bear)

You are so welcome and thank you. Do let me know how things go.
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