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maytag lat9356aae top load washing machine. what is the trick

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maytag lat9356aae top load washing machine. what is the trick to removing the steel collar (sleeve) on tranny shaft. trying to replace tub seal and mounting seal. i've tried tapping with a hammer to loosen but it's stuck.
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are you using a Spanner wrench? this is designed, for removing these. the spanner nut is very hard to remove without one. you can order one at the following link. Spanner Wrench
you will need one to get this loose. it is a left hand thread also. it comes loose clockwise so make sure you go that direction when removing this.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

i do have spanner wrench. are you saying the wrench will also remove the steel collar?

Okay are you down to the caller that has the cork on it, ? Yes the Spanner wrench take that off also and it takes the steel collar above that off. That Spanner wrench is made specifically for those parts. Try tapping them clockwise make sure you loosened the Allen wrench in the side of the part with the cork on it also you can see it in the picture.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

i've already removed mounting stem and the tub bearing seal and inner tub. I'm looking at the bare tranny shaft. there is a steel collar that the tub seal and inner tub slide onto. i can't get the steel collar off.

Okay I understand now, what you're talking about is the stainless steel spin bearing. Shown in this picture is that correct? Tub Bearing 6-2040130 Main Product View
Customer: replied 5 years ago.


Okay gotcha, what happens with these is they heat up and can basically almost weld themselves to the shaft. I've run into this a few times Where their very difficult to remove, have you remove the outer tub yet? You are replacing the whole seal assembly and bearing assembly also? If so it's much easier to remove the outer tub to give you more room to work on getting that bearing off the shaft. You may even need to heat it with a torch and get a large pair of water pump pliers or use a pipe wrench to turn it to get it loose so you can get it off, do you think you can do that?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

outer tub is removed. i'm looking at the spin bearing. yes, replacing mounting stem assembly and tube bearing assembly.

i've never used a torch, and have no water pump pliers. do have a pipe wrench.

Try the pipe wrench on it and see if you are able to turn it, obviously this got very hot in one of the spin cycles and has tightened up on the shaft. You must break it loose. This is sometimes a very difficult thing to do. And not using a torch makes it even harder. I wish I had a simple solution. You can try spraying WD-40 all over it and down the shaft as much is possible and see if that helps loosen it up in a few hours or so, other than that you will need to heat this unfortunately. A small hand-held torch would work ,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

if i buy a torch, how do i know when the bearing is ready to come off? also, when trying to turn bearing with pipe wrench i turned the whole transmission housing a little. will this damage anything? thanks bryan.

okay, what you want to do is get the torch and heat it up checking every two to three minutes with the pipe wrench until it starts to move once its loose and moving keep some heat on it until you can work it off all the way, moving the shaft as you did shouldn't do any damage. the torch should get this loose and off. well wishes and thanks Bryan
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