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I have a whirlpool gerc4120ps range and the cooktop will not

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I have a whirlpool gerc4120ps range and the cooktop will not operate. The oven works

Hello, Thank you for using this service, I will be helping you with your problem today,

Good morning, what happens when you turn one of the knobs for one of the burners on the top ? does the light next to the burner knob light up like it's supposed to ? there is and indicator lights saying the burner is on o those light up but the burner just does not get hot ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes the burner light comes on for all burners but none come on. And no the indicator light saying the burner is getting hot does not come on.
Okay can you pull the range out and unplug it then remove the cover over the controls in the back? You need to check and see whether you have a burnt Wire running from the bottom of the range in the back to the controls for the burners. If the oven works correctly then it's not a power issue at the house it's definitely in the range in my guess is either you have a bad wire is burned or one of your switches itself is burned, depending on this which these run in a sequence and are all wired together, if one of the switches goes it can affect all the rest so you need to remove the back cover over the switches and check for a bad wire first, look for burned connectors or one of the wires themselves melted and get back to me and let me know.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I've removed the back and there are no obvious signs of a burned wired nor do any of burner controls look burned. I was hoping there was an obvious/easy answer such as a blown fuse (no fuses anymore). There is a lockout button on the consol, after depressing it for 5 seconds a lock icon appears on the consol and touching any button on the consol results in a double beep. Is there a way the cooktop only could be disabled? The nameplate does say GERC4120PS and that model does not show up anywhere on an internet search. The GERC4110 does and appears to be very close to the GERC4120.
Okay the lockout is not enabled is it? It sounds like you when you pressed the lock icon it came on and lock the console, when you press it again for 5 seconds does the lock icon disappear? There are no fuses that I can find on this either. As far as model number goes the PS on the and should have another number after it like a one or a zero rate two but it may be worn off or gone but it's basically the same range as the GERC4120PS0. I was going by that one.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The lock button works, I can enable and disable it. It is now disabled and as I mentioned the oven does work. There is a 0 at the end of the model number...

There is also a rocker switche beside each 110 volt outlet on the top of range. I assume they relate to the outlets and not the cooktop.

Okay after looking at this a little closer I did find a thermal fuse, I believe however this thermal fuses for the often but it wouldn't hurt to check it.Can you locate this and check it for continuity following the directions in the video at this link?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

There is continuity...

I think I'll call tech in to look, as I mentioned if it was something simple I would deal with it. This appears to be a little more complex.

Okay, well wishes and good luck. I did everything I could to help more than likely one of your switches has failed even though it doesn't look like any are bad there are contacts inside these that may have burnt. Have a great day and thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for the help!

You're very welcome, it's been my pleasure. Thanks again, Bryan
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