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My dishwasher started leaking water tonight under the unit..

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My dishwasher started leaking water tonight under the unit.. No drippage from the door seals.
Hi there. Leaks with dishwashers are hard to determine online, as there are so many variables. However, please provide your model and serial number and I'll do my best to help.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Model - DWU9920AAX

Serial -A0239569FW

Please stand by as I research your product. There may be a few minute delay while I gather information. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for the information. I'd like you to grab a few towels for peace of mind :)

Secondly I'm attaching a diagram, and I'd like you to remove item number 10 which is the toe kick. With this removed, you can view the underside of your dishwasher. Have a flashlight handy. The motor will be in the middle of the dishwasher as you're looking in. Take every item out of your dishwasher if you haven't already. Start a cycle. If you see a leak, STOP the dishwasher by opening the door. Please try to pin point if it's coming from the motor area. You might even let it run 15-30 seconds so you can discern if this is the point of the leak. If you don't see a leak within a few moments, grab a pillow and lie there (no jokes, I'm being serious :) ). I'm telling you this because some dishwashers will leak in the wash and not the drain and vice versa.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

ok - will try it... if the amount of water that leaked earlier leaks again - I'll be floating :) Back as soon as I can


Ok, Just let me know. Luckily if you're expecting it, you can be aware. You may have a hole in the drain hose, or a leak in the motor seal etc... that's why I want you to wait through a wash and a drain at least.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Right now I can't get the kick plate off. There is one flathead screw holding it on and it won't budge...Will keep working on it though. I do know that it was leaking during the wash cycle. It had gone through the prewash cycles and was about 10 minutes into the main wash cycle when it started leaking. It only came out on one side of the floor, - the left side as you face the dishwasher. There was no water from the right side.

The kick plate is coming off finally! Almost ready to start the cycle.


Ok, just be sure nothing was unintentionally blocking the door closure (ie, a knife or other object caught between the door and gasket). Even if the door closes and latches, this WILL cause a leak. As soon as you've emptied the dishwasher and gotten that toe kick panel off, you should know if it was legitimate or a fluke.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi - don't know if you saw my last message! started the 1st cycle and within about 30 sec. the drip drip drip started. It is coming from a hose that comes in to the dishwasher from the sink side. and then when we hit the drain button to turn off the water - it sprayed across


Ok. So you're saying it's coming from the drain hose attached under your sink? This hose attaches to your plumbing and comes from the drain pump. Is this accurate? You said sink side, but I don't know which side your sink is compared to the dishwasher.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
On your schematic drawing - the leak is at #13 in the hose.
Ok, that's the clamp that secures the delivery tube. The delivery tube takes water from the sump up to the upper spray system. The delivery tube has a rubber end attached to a plastic tube. I feel that if it's leaking there, you'll need to replace the delivery tube.
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