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when i moved into my rental house, the kitchen aid dishwasher

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when i moved into my rental house, the kitchen aid dishwasher model kuds01flsso had a foul smell when you opened the door and a black sludge material trapped under the gasket at the bottom of the could be removed with a q tip. we have not used the dishwasher.

The black smudge under the lower lip of the door happens. Clean it the best you can with a rag or paper towel. The odor was probably caused by being left enclosed and unused. Here are a few tips. Number one, purchase a large container of Orange Tang (yes, the powdered astronaut drink). Place 1 cup of powder in four larger glasses (tumblers if you have them). Place each glass upright and in the four corners of the UPPER dishrack. As the dishwasher sprays through a cycle, the water fills the glasses, mixes with the Tang and spills out into the cycle. This will definitely help with the odor, PLUS the citric acid will help to clean the internal components. You do this with no detergent and no other dish ware except those four glasses. If that hasn't helped a lot, there is a product called GLISTEN, and a product called AFFRESH (in the yellow bag) which you can use. Also, after the initial cleaning is done, I prefer to recommend FINISH QUANTUM detergent. Those things should help you out.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

should i leave the lower dish rack in during thsi cycle?



certainly, that won't affect it. But the sludge under the door just happens and will need manually wiped away. The water level sits around this area, but the spray arms spray doesn't reach this part. It's a common complaint, but it's easily managed with a little maintenance..
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