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how do you clear a code on a dryer the code coming up is to

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how do you clear a code on a dryer the code coming up is to all vents have been replaced the airflow is very good but the dryer shuts off after 30 seconds the model number issamsung dv209AEW/xaa

Thank you for using Just Answer. My name is Justin. I will work hard to help you solve your problem, start to finish. As we move forward with your problem, please remember to provide positive feedback after you accept my answer. You will still receive additional assistance at NO EXTRA CHARGE should you require it. Now, let's get started shall we... Specifically what is the error code please?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
lower case t0
Probably a faulty outlet thermistor. The T0 stands for thermistor error. The part number for the new thermistor is DC32-00007A. It is located on the blower housing inside the dryer.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
the blower housing is front bottom left and is it easily removed or is it in a different location and how much does the part cost
The front panel must be off the dryer. You'll see the blower there on the left, and around the right side of the housing, you'll find two components. One is a thermostat, and one is the thermistor. t0 means thermistor open. It generally shows up either immediately or 10 - 20 minutes into the cycle. The part will run you 10 bucks on if you choose to shop there. That's gonna take care of your problem, and you'll have your dryer back :)
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
how is it held on with screws?
You need to remove the top. Screws are in the back of the top panel, then push back the top to release. Then you need to remove the screws for the control panel, push up and remove. Then there are three or four screws behind that. Also, there are two screws found by opening the door. They attach to the filter housing. Once these are removed, you can lean the front panel toward you. Keep in mind there will be a wiring harness or two you need to unhook. With the front panel off, you'll see the thermistor on the right side of the blower housing duct just before it enters the 4 inch metal duct on the base. There are maybe 10 - 12 screws total to get to it. Not a hard job. I'll tell you what too, you can check youtube for some videos. That'll probably really help you out should you get stuck :)
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i had it open already to clean everything but i guess i didnt see the thermostat or thermistor
I see....Part 7 is thermistor, and part 5 is blower housing. Does this help?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
yes thank you it does the part u said is on the housing so that i will see it
Yes, it's number 7 there. You don't even need to pull the drum out to do this job. Thermistor has two screws holding it in. That'll fix you right up Russell. Just so you know, once you rate me, you may always come back to this question at no additional expense. So, if you get stuck, just come on back and I'll continue helping you out.
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