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Our GE Model GSD2200G02WW dishwasher has an intermittent problem

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Our GE Model GSD2200G02WW dishwasher has an intermittent problem filling with water at the beginning of a wash cycle. The water inlet valve has been replaced and has not solved the problem. To get the dishwasher to work, the Start control knob has to be turned repeatedly to the start position before it will work. The motor comes on at each attempt. Once the water begins to enter, the dishwasher completes all cycles normally.
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have you checked the float assembly inside the dish washer and make sure its not sticking ?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have not removed the the float assembly but have tapped on the housing to see if that is the problem. That has not helped.
okay, there is a bell cover over the float # XXXXX in this diagram. theres a 1/4" screw holding that down remove that and check the float to make sure its not gunked up with soap and making the float stick. it should move up and down freely. can you check that?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I removed the bell cover and the float seemed to move freely up and down. However, I separated the float from the guide and cleaned any scum that I could see. I manually operated part #306 and it moved freely.(pushed down and it sprang back up) Re-assembled and checked for normal operation. Filled on 2nd attempt. Ran a complete normal cycle. Then attempted to repeat. Would not fill (5 tries)
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I removed the bell cover and the float moved freely up and down. Lifted the float from the guide, there was some scum. I removed the scum and re-assembled and checked for normal operation. Filled with water on 2nd attempt and completed a normal wash cycle. Attempted to do another normal wash cycle. Would not fill (5 tries). Any new suggestions?

well it could be either the switch in the float assembly thats bad or you have a bad contact in the timer. its hard to say for sure. it one or the other though.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have suspected the timer all along since the dishwasher would work after cycling the start switch several times. I will replace the timer and if that doesn't work I will replace the dishwasher which is probably what I should have done initially since I have absolutely no faith in GE products.UndecidedUndecidedUndecided

okay , sorry i wasn't on ,My granddaughter had a huge medical test today. thanks and have a great day. Bryan
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