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My Fisherpaykel washing machine will not turn on or do anything.

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My Fisherpaykel washing machine will not turn on or do anything. I've checked the power supply. Any ideas?

Thank you for using Just Answer. My name is Justin. I will work hard to help you solve your problem, start to finish. As we move forward with your problem, please remember to provide positive feedback after you accept my answer. You will still receive additional assistance at NO EXTRA CHARGE should you require it. Now, let's get started shall we... Please provide your model number, serial number and product ID. This tag is generally seen by looking over the top of the console, and it's usually located on the back side of the console. Thanks, I'll be awaiting your reply.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
model # XXXXX

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX the serial number and product ID please? The product ID will start with a 9 followed by 4 digits and a letter

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
serial # XXXXX
Thanks lol. Same tag, product ID. This is the imperative part. Sorry :)
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
There ya go.. Thanks for your patience. Here is what I want you to do. Lift the lid to the upright position. With both hands, firmly pull up on it. This should remove the lid. Set it aside. On the top (ish) part of the console, you'll have two screws. One on left, the other on the right. Remove those two screws, then rotate the console panel up and toward you. Now, take a digital photo of the brown piece in the right side. That's your control board. I want you to test the two terminal connector with the black and white wire in it for 120 volts. I assume you own a meter. If you have that, then we'll proceed from there. Obviously I'd like you to leave the machine plugged in for this test, so be careful.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
it has 120 volts
Ok... here is where that photo you took is going to come in handy. I would like you to remove all the wires from that board, remove the screw that holds it in place and take it out. Next, you'll separate the plastic to reveal the board. I find a small thin flat blade screw driver helps. There is a fuse on that board, I think it's four amps. It's a glass cylindrical fuse. I need you to check that for continuity and tell me if it is open or a closed circuit. It's a pain getting that plastic apart, so take your time. If that fuse is open, it suggests two issues. Set the meter to a low value and test for Ω (ohms). It should read less than 1 ohm. If the meter reading does not change, it's open. Ensure you're making good contact. Unplug the washer before proceeding. Also, before this step even, unplug the washer for three minutes, then plug it back in to ensure it wasn't just a glitch. Sometimes boards need a little reboot. If nothing changes after the power interruption, proceed with these directions. Please ensure you took a picture first. It'll make your life a lot easier.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
the fuse is open
Ok, that's what I suspected. Here's the deal on that fuse. You can probably replace the fuse, barring there is no other damage to the board. The part that most likely caused that fuse to blow is the pump. It's rated at an amp or so, but it's probably drawing 5 amps. In other words, the drain pump is probably the culprit. The only way you'll know is by tilting the machine back, remove the pump. You do NOT take out screws. You pull the wiring off, then you TWIST, but you must push in a little plastic release clip as you turn. This clip locks it in place. It's tough to see. EXPECT some water to come out. Have towels and a shop vac handy. If you have a clamp on type meter, you can make yourself up a test cord (a lamp cord with alligator clips) and clip the clips to the terminals. Clamp your ammeter around ONE lead of your test cord and plug it in. If it is drawing more than 4 amps, you'll have to replace your pump. If you find the pump to be ok, you can try just replacing that fuse, OR you can order a new control board. Almost every time I have seen that fuse blow, it's due to the pump drawing high current.
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By the way, the pump has a little cooling fan blade on it, so you can't miss it.
Hi Richard,

Justin with Just Answer here. Just checking in on your repair. I hope you found our site useful. Please take a moment and rate your experience with me. I strive for excellent, but anything in the top three will make me happy. Thanks again.