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Hi ! We have a Kenmore Elite dishwasher (MOD66576972K602).

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Hi ! We have a Kenmore Elite dishwasher (MOD66576972K602). We are renovating the kitchen and a couple of days ago (after being moved quite a bit) the "smart wash" button started flashing. When we touch the panel, 2-3 more lights go off. Then, a couple of hours later - everything stops and you can run a regular cycle. Any ideas ? Overheating ? Broken electrical panel ?? Thanks !!

Thank you for using Just Answer. My name is Justin. I will work hard to help you solve your problem, start to finish. As we move forward with your problem, please remember to provide positive feedback after you accept my answer. You will still receive additional assistance at NO EXTRA CHARGE should you require it. Now, let's get started shall we... When you say the 2 - 3 lights go off, do you mean they come on and start to blink? When you say you touch the panel, is there any particular button you're pressing, or are you just touching the panel? Please forgive the questions, I'm just trying to get as much info as possible to better assist you.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Justin - and many thanks for your help ! The first button to go on and start flashing is always the "smart wash". Then, if we press another button, the "cancel drain" also starts flashing. We've also seen the "pots-pans" flash. As an example, I ran a cycle at 5 pm tonight. The "smart wash" was flashing as soon as it ended (...and of course nothing works when the buttons are flashing). Now ... a few hours later, everything is back to normal and I'm pretty sure I could run another cycle. Hope this helps ??

In my experience, you require a new interface panel (the push button panel) These buttons are actually part of a membrane switch circuit. Almost always, when one fails, it affects 2-4 other buttons. There are a high number of interface failures across all appliances. I don't believe the moving around had anything to do with it. I'll tell you what usually happens. A small gap develops (sometimes you can't see it) and moisture gets into the membrane. This creates a short between multiple selections. It sounds like the smart wash key is the culprit. Yes, replace that interface and you will have proper operation again. I just looked up your model. This dishwasher is made by Whirlpool and is comparable to a Kitchenaid. Thus, it's a great dishwasher.

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Hi Valerie,

This is Justin with Just Answer. I was hoping to let you know I was happy to assist you. Please feel free to let me know how your repair turned out. Many thanks for the positive review :)