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Justin, Appliance Technician
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I have a Maytag Bravos MCT LP Gas dryer. Model MGDB850WQ0.

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I have a Maytag Bravos MCT LP Gas dryer. Model MGDB850WQ0. Yesterday, it was making a loud noise as the drum was turning. I tried it for a few minutes this morning, and the noise continued, and then stopped. It didn't seem to heat up. Is this a belt issue? Any help would be greatly appreciate. Thanks.
Thank you for using Just Answer. My name is Justin. I will work hard to help you solve your problem, start to finish. As we move forward with your problem, please remember to provide positive feedback after you accept my answer. You will still receive additional assistance at NO EXTRA CHARGE should you require it. Now, let's get started shall we... I'd like you to pull the hose off the back of your dryer. Turn the dryer on. Do you feel air flow coming out the back? It should be strong. The reason I'm asking is because these dryers have an occurance of the blower pulley unscrewing from the blower shaft. This dryer has one drive belt for the drum and a second one for the blower.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I appreciate your quick response Justin. After removing the hose in the back, and turning on the dryer, there is no air flow. Is this an easy fix, and will it be costly or not? Thanks.
Great, so here is what happened. The blower pulley came off. You need to UNPLUG first. On either side of the door, there are two clips holding down the top to the front panel. With a flashlight you can find them, then push straight in towards the back with a putty knife / paint scraper with the door in the open position. Then as you push in on the clips, you lift the same corner one at a time. This will lift the top. On the inside, you'll have a wiring connector for the door switch you pull apart. You also have two 5/16 inch screws on the inside of the front panel. Remove these, lift UP on the outer panel and the whole front panel will lift off. Pull the lint filter out, remove the four 5/16" screws securing the filter housing. Take that off. Find small silver pulley. VERY IMPORTANT: Apply BLUE loc-tite to the threads, place it back on to shaft and turn to tighten LEFT HAND THREAD. Left to tighten. Place your hand into the blower from the bottom and hold the blower as you tighten the pulley with an adjustable wrench. The belt will on next. There will be a quarter twist and it WILL BE TIGHT!!!! If the belt is dragging on the raised tab, it's on with the twist the wrong way. Once you get it back on with no belt dragging, let the loc-tite set up for 12 hours prior to using. You may turn it on quick to check for air flow. If the heat is not present after this repair, you may have a blown fuse. A lot of times though, the heat will cycle off on a high limit thermostat because the heat is rising rather than being pulled through the dryer. First step is to repair that pulley. If you need further help after that, you can alway come back to this question at no extra cost. Follow this step by step and you should have your dryer fixed for free, with no parts. The only thing you may need to buy is BLUE loc-tite. DO NOT buy the RED loc-tite. Just takes a few drops and you shouldn't have this issue again.
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Hey Vito,

How are you making out, or are you going to attempt the repair tomorrow? In any case, if you feel I've done a good job with my advice, please rate me in the top three ratings. This is how I get credit for my answer. If you need further advice on this, it's free to come back to this question. Thanks.

Thanks for you question on Just Answer. I hope you found my knowledge helpful. Just checking in to see how things are going.