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Hi. Im a DIYer. I have an Admiral Model #: ADE700SAYW. The

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Hi. I'm a DIY'er. I have an Admiral Model #: ADE700SAYW. The belt got stretched. I have the new belt and have replaced the worn idler pulley wheel. When the belt is placed on the track and around the drum, there is about an inch + or - of slack on the belt. Is this normal? I would think that the belt once properly in place would fit tighter around the drum and pulley assembly. I cannot locate any diagrams for this particular model of Admiral/Maytag that match up to the what's actually in the dryer. Can you help with this problem?
Welcome..I have 23 years of Experience In the Appliance Repair Field..Working directly with All Major Appliance Brands...Sorry you are having this problem..No there should not be that much slack in the belt..Most likely the belt is not routed properly ..Take a look at the diagram..Which should help you out..If not post back so that we can get you back up and running Thanks Bob
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Took a it to figure it out, but we believe we finally got it set right. nThe drum rolls smoothly, as it should. The wiring schematics are difficult to read for the door switch. When we hooked it back up the dryer ran and then started to smell. Kinda like smothine was burning. It didn't trip the breaker, but we stopped the dryer. If there was something, such as lint, that has gotten inside the blower unit. Is it safe to run til it burns off? Or could it be just the new belt settling in?Or do we need to take the damn thing apart again.

Nothing should be left to burn off..Make sure the blower is circulating air throughout the dryer..You can check this by disconnecting the vent pipe at the back..You should feel a good amount of air blowing from th dryer...Also please rememeber to leave a positive rating for my answer so that i may be credited through the system..Thanks Bob
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