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Im replacing main board WR55X10942 on my GE side by side and my 9 pin connector does

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I'm replacing main board WR55X10942 on my GE side by side and my 9 pin connector does have a wire in the 2 pin BUT my serial number does not have a prefix listed on the instruction sheet, I don't think. The instruction sheet says ENCODER models, what does ENCODER model mean? Can't I just check my regular serial number that is listed next to the model number?

In the fresh food section, if you have dials to turn for the adjustment, you have an encoder model.

If it is push button with a digital display, it is NOT an encoder model. If you do not match the serial numbers, it does not apply, but if your unit is a bottom freezer, then it does. If this helps, thanks and don't forget to leave positive feedback.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I do have dials but my prefix does not match so I'm thinking I should leave the wire in pin 2? My serial prefix does not match on the sheet so I will not cut the wire, is that right?
J1 Pin 2 can either be filled or vacant. If a wire is in it, no matter the configuration, If the serial number does not match, you DO NOT cut any wires if it is a side by side.
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Those wires in that connector are the temperature sensor (thermistors). In some side by sides and bottom freezer models, they want you to cut that wire if the serial numbers match the sheet. However, if your model is a bottom freezer model, you do cut the wire. The instruction sheet says ALL bottom freezer models. You said you have an encoder model, that your serial does not start with the listed letters, so YES, you DO NOT cut the wire.