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the cooling fan in our Velos speedcook microwave oven quit

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the cooling fan in our Velos speedcook microwave oven quit working this morning. can I replace it or is there a connection that could have come loose and where is the fan located. The model number is XXXXX
Your microwave has two fan motors in it. Is it the fan that comes on automatically when you cook something, or is it the ventilation fan that comes on when you ask it to? When you start a cooking cycle, there is a small fan inside on the right that cools the magnetron. When you want your vent fan on, you do that automatically UNLESS the bottom of the microwave overheats, then it will turn on itself. So, with that said, is it the ventilation fan or the magnetron cooling fan you're after?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The problem is the fan that comes on when you cook something. Or as you discribe in your answer, the magnetron cooling fan.
The ventilation fan works just fine.

The most common problem when this fan motor is not running is due to a fault in the relay board. The problem is: The relay board is difficult to get to. It is inside the rear right side of the microwave. I have replaced these with the microwave still up, but it is difficult to do. The easiest method for a novice is going to be to pull the microwave down, remove the outside cover, then attempt the replacement. To test the fan motor during a cooking mode, you can test

Please see my attached WORD document. This has some information showing you the locations of the relay board and the cooling fan. Also, I included a ladder schematic with directions.

Attachment: 2012-08-09_154418_wpmicrowave.docx

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