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I have an Amana NGD7200TW dryer that quit working with a tS code. I replaced the thermist

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I have an Amana NGD7200TW dryer that quit working with a tS code. I replaced the thermister but that didn't help. I tested the resistance of the thermostats, they were both near zero. After reading some posts on a few sites, I then decided to replace the timer/control pc board. Unfortunately, I'm still getting the tS code. $200, no improvement. What else could it be?
Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I am here to assist you. Okay you say you checked the thermostats. Just wondering did you check the thermostat right by the thermistor?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I wish I would have just replaced it (probably pretty cheap), but I didn't. I checked the resistance and it was less than 1 ohm, which I assumed meant it was good. Is that the case?
Sorry about the delay, and yes if it indicates less than 1 ohm then it is good. Now, just humor me but measure the resistance of the thermistor and let me know what you get.
Also you replaced the control board on the front of the washer or the one on the left side of the dryer?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The new thermistor is 12K, the one I took out was 35K. I replaced the board on the front.
Okay, that is good, now have you cleaned out the lint trap and the vent line? If not you need to clean them out before we continue as that can also cause the tS error code.
I also need you to try and clear the code since you just replaced the thermistor. Typically when your get the tS and make repair you have to clear/reset the machine so try the step below.

1. Enter to Service Mode by press CHIME and TEMPERATURE keys for 3 seconds or until 3 beeps are heard.
2. Access Diagnostic Codes by pressing WRINKLE PREVENT. A d will be displayed. Rotate the CYCLE SELECTOR KNOB in either direction to read it.
3. Press SENSOR DRY and TIME keys for 3 seconds to clear it.
4. Power OFF to exit Service Mode
5. Power ON
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Grrr. I suspected something like that might be necessary, but I read a post somewhere that specifically said there was no reset needed. Sometimes free advice isn't free. I just hope Sears will take back the control board. Thank you for your guidance. You'll get full marks from me! Smile
You are so welcome and great job on your part. By the way, they should take it back.
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