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I have a Kitchenaide KBHC109JSS03 Microwave. Everything works

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I have a Kitchenaide KBHC109JSS03 Microwave. Everything works but it doesnt heat anything. Had an appliance service company come out and replace the Magnetron and it worked a couple times. They replaced it a 2nd time as well as another part (not sure what) and it worked once after they left. Unfortunately, the 3rd time wasn't a charm and they decided to refund my money and told me to buy another Microwave. I can't find a replacement that matches and was hoping there was something they missed. Any ideas?
Hello I'm Larry and I will use all my training and knowledge of 40 years to help you with your Problem today ,, thanks

sounds to me like you have a shorted high voltage transformer ,, did they replace it also and how old is this unit
you still with me
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes sir, I'm still here
sorry i had to step out ,, you still here?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
did they replace the transformer also and how old is this unit?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Looks like my response on that didnt go through the first time........


He replaced what he called "the power supply" as well as a "diode".

Unit is approx 6-7 yrs old.

then he did not replace the high voltage transformer, you need to replace it at same time you replace the magnetron, hope not to make you bad but it would really be cheaper in the long run to just replace the microwave because this will cost about another $300 to add it to the price they charged to do the work they did ,, the transformer is shorted and it keeps knocking out the magnetron's when you install one ,, sorry for the bad news
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ok, thanks. Looks like I will continue to look for something that will look right with the other built in appliances. They dont make the same model any longer, figures!
i understand and if you go with a stainless steel it matches all and do you have any further questions and if not then please remember to rate my answer based on the service you have received here today. If there are any problems at all, please respond so we may have a positive outcome.
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