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Hi there. I found you when searching for advice on the drum

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Hi there. I found you when searching for advice on the drum not closing on my Bosch WOL2200 (or so the error says). With it being such an old machine, I ordered and changed the door lock this morning. The error persists! Any more ideas? All traps etc cleaned as well, so I'm stumped at my level of expertise.

Jon Grella : Hey Richard
Jon Grella : My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am an authorized Bosch service tech and I can help you today.
Jon Grella : Ejat we the error code you were getting on your washer?
Jon Grella : Sorry. Stupid auto spell meant to say what was the error code?
Jon Grella : And by drum ot closing were you referring to the lid to the washer? Or door ?
Jon Grella : If you were getting the door error code and the door was not closing properly andthe machine computer was recognizing that youmay have a had a bad door lock and computer. Or if the door was closing but you were just getting a clicking of the door lock then you may have only had a bad main computer.
Jon Grella : What is the full model number of the washer?

Hi Jon. Washer model: WOL2200GB/01 FD 8008 01205. The error is all three display lights flashing at the same time which the manual identifies as "Drum lid not closed". If you turn the control knob to a program, "ready" light comes on and you can press "start". "active" then comes on. The lights start flashing after a little while during which time there have been clicks, but no water or spin or whatever. Door (lid, as it's a toploader) catches properly - you can't open it and locks - takes 2 mins before you can open it. What else can I tell you? Thanks. R

Jon Grella : It is the main board on the washer that is failing. Especially of you are sure the water is turned on to the machine.
Jon Grella : This is a common part to fail on this machine.
Jon Grella : Just go back to the same place you got the door lock and get the mainboard
Jon Grella : If the lid lock is locking and doesn't let you open the door then the lock is good.

Water is on - we had just unloaded a wash that worked perfectly and tried a rinse and..... Ok. Will get a mainboard

Jon Grella : Does any water come into the machine?
Jon Grella : Yes.. Ok then about the water.

Nope, no water when a program is started

Jon Grella : You definitely need a main board
Jon Grella : Ok wait a minute.
Jon Grella : Lets get onthe same page here

Ok. So simple when you say it like that!

Jon Grella : When you select a normal cycle and hit start button the lid locks and water comes in correct? But will then stop before or after the water finishes filling the tub?
Jon Grella : Or will it not even fill with water after hitting start?

When we select any program and press start, we get clicks but no water or spin. The water is certainly OK to the machine as it was working moments before failing on a rinse cycle

Jon Grella : Ok that is what I thought.
Jon Grella : You have a bad mainboard and pressure switch. It is very common onthos machine to fail. Get the main control and pressure switch

Which is the pressure switch?

Jon Grella : The pressure switch is what tells the tub to fill to a certain level before stopping. And it send the signal to the computer. They are connected electrically. So when one breaks so does the other. Unfortunately

OK, understood. I'll get on and order.

Jon Grella : Try replacing the pressure switch first then the computer. With any luck you may just be able to get away with replacing the pressure switch. But usually both have to be replaced
Jon Grella : Please remember to rate my performance below with excellent service so that I canbet credit for helping you
Jon Grella : And if you have any other questions or concerns you can always comeback here and ask more questions and I will help you more for no addiotnal charge.
Jon Grella : Thanks
Jon Grella : If you have any troubles ordering the parts I can help you as well too
Jon Grella : Just get back to me here after rating my performance below today and I will help you more.
Jon Grella : Thanks again

Sounds good. Yes, I'll rate you, don't worry. May well come back to you if there's anything more once I've got the part(s). Do you know anyone who wants a door lock?! Cheers.

Jon Grella : No. Sorry. Can you return it? If not try websites like eBay to sell it.

Good call. R

Jon Grella : Definitley get back to mthere if youhave any other questions or concerns. And I will help you more for no additional charge.
Jon Grella : You got it.

Think that's all right? Now I exit with your rating, is that right? R

Jon Grella : Yes. Just hit the ratimg below and you will be able to comeback here at any time of you need to.

Thanks. See you later. Cheers. R

Jon Grella : Your welcome. Have a good day.
Jon and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Thank you for the positive rating. It is greatly appreciated..

Should yo have any other questions or concerns just get back to me here and I will help you again. For no additional charge.

Thanks again.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Jon, me again with the Bosch WOL2200GB/01. Yesterday you said to get the pressure switch. The Bosch people don't call it that - what else could it be called? Is it at the inlet or part of the outlet with the float in it or where?! Thanks. R
Sorry on this model the pressure switch is on the main board.

If the ock was replaced but yet still the machine will not fill with water or wash at all then you need to replace the main board.

Just get back in touch with them and ask for the main board. Or pricing instead. These boards are normally very expensive. And if the machine is older it may not be worth it for ou to fix it.

You may be better off getting a good whirlpool washer. They will go for about $600 and give you the least amount of troubles.

Get back to me here if ou need any more help and I will help you more.

Thanks again