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II replaced the controller board with a brand new identical

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II replaced the controller board with a brand new identical part. Now neither the broil or the bake elements work. The test of the BA terminal now shows 120V at the terminal with the wire removed. Something else must have gone wrong. Specially since the broil element used to work with the defective controller. help.!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Relist: I still need help.
I am still stuck with the oven not working after doing what (Kelly) recomended.

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am an authorized Electrolux and frigidaire service tech and I can help you better today.

I don't have access to what you and Kelly went over previously so could you please feel me in on what was the initial problem with your range? Include the full model and serial number to.

Get back to me here and I will help yo diagnose the problems you are having on your machine.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
My bake element was not working (broil was) I switched wires from broil to bake the bake element was working. After doing some tests Kelly told me the controller board was bad. I got a new controller and wired it exactly as the old one. Now neither the broil nor the bake heat up. Everything else is working ok.
Where did you get the board from? Are you sure it is a good board?

If so, disconnect the wires from the bake element and put wires from your meter to the wires from the bake element and see if you have power in a bake cycle.

But please before doing any work to this machine turn the power off and unplug the unit. Then when wires are in the bake element wires and not touching any metal put the unit back on and in a bake cycle and check to see if you have power.

If you have power but the bake element still doesn't work you have a bad element. If no power then you have a bad board.

Run that check and get back to me here and I will help you more.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I did exactly what you suggested. one wire has 120V and the other one about 3V. I got the identical part from, it made by Frigidaire
Ok not good.

You should have 220volts to both. Can you check the wore to make sure that it is not cut or spliced or damaged in any way?

That is the problem though. You are not getting full voltage to the bake element. You may not have needed a new board.

I would suggest removing the oven or range from the wall and removing the back panel and checking the wires. Including the main terminal block. Make sure that they are all connected properly. And if they are and none of the wires are damaged either. Then check you breaker to the oven range and make sure that both of the circuits are flipped on and not half tripped. Because that could give you half voltage. Which would power the top but not the oven

You could always flip tiebreaker off completely then set it back on completely then recheck for full 220 voltage to the bake element.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Okay, there are 120V on terminal 1, terminal 2 is 0V (GND) and terminal 3 has 120V. This is on the back of the oven.
Ok good.

Now do this with oven power off.

Remove the oven bake element. And put your meter leads on the wires that were connected to the element. Then set meter on ac voltage again. Then turn the oven back on and set to a bake cycle and hit start.

What voltage do you get in a bake cycle to the wires to the element?

If you don't have full voltage to the wires then you have a bad wire somewhere. And it would need to be checked first before doing anything. And also make sure that you have the circuit fully on. Also check the power the outlet. If all of that is good then you Definitely have a bad wire somewhere.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
the voltage between the two wires is about 110V when the relay makes a clicking sound it drops off then another click and it is back to 108 or so. Between wires and ground is 120V and other is about 3v.

Yo are getting half voltage to the board and to the element. You should be getting 220 volts to the wires to the element from the board.

Are you sure that your breaker is fully open? Sometimes these units can half trip the breaker at the main box of your house. Which would give you half voltage but enough to work the top unit which only requires 110v..

I would check that first. Locate the breaker for the unit and switch it off fully. Then switch it back on fully. The check the power. And if you still have half power check at the main terminal block to the machine. Between red and black or left and right you should have 220v. Then from either left or right wires to center you should have 120v. If you don't have voltage there turnoff the power again and check the voltage at either the cord or the outlet.

I am going to say that somewhere along from the breaker box to the machine your are not getting full voltage. So please please check that first before doing anything else to the machine. It will save you a lot of time and trouble.

And if you find that th problem was the breaker put the old board back in if you have it. Because it was most likely good and didn't need to be replaced. And hopefully you can either return it or sell it back to them or any one else.

If you feel that I have helped you today please remember to rate my performance below today with ok service or better so that I can get credit for helping you. And if you feel that I don't deserve that kind of rating yet please don't leave negative rating. Just simply hit the continue conversation link or reply button below and comeback here. So that way I can help you more until you are completely satisfied.

And after rating positively,should you have any more questions, you can come back here at any time to ask me more questions and I will help you more for no additional charge.

Thanks again.
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