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G.E. microwave. nothing on and nothing works completely dead.

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G.E. microwave. nothing on and nothing works completely dead. no fan, lights, or display.just like it wasn't plugged in. it does have power and the two fuses inside the oven are good.
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

Do you have a model number so that I can better assist you? And which 2 fuses are good exactly? What is their location and what do they look like?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

G.E. model JVM2070SH001

2 fuses at the top inside the oven. main fuse and i dont remember what the other was labeled.

OK well there are 3 or 4 fuses. Make sure you're getting 120 volts to the microwave from your house first. If you are, then you need to test all 3 or 4 fuses.

To test these fuses you need to uninstall the entire microwave and remove the outer shell of the microwave to gain access to all the fuses. There is a plastic support behind the control panel where the cooling fan blade sits. Mounted on this support is 1 or 2 fuses labeled at part 101 in the image below. If the fuse(s) test good, then there is another fuse part number 90 on the image below mounted to the side of the magnetron. Test for continuity on this fuse and if it's open, replace it. The last fuse is part 59 on the image below. This is the cavity thermal fuse mounted above the microwave cavity. If it doesn't have continuity, then replace it.

Now if all of them test good, you need to order and replace teh display board because it's shorted.


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

i checked the other 2 fuses (thermostats?) and found them to be good.

i ordered the control panel and i'll try that next week.

i'll let you know.


ok good luck.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
,i never got the microwave to work.GE model JVM2070sh001RECAP: no display,no light when door open,no fan or surface light,120 volts thru main fuse,120 volts thru hvt fuse, 120 v thru cavity t.c.o.,120 v. thru mgt t.c.o.,120 v. thru bottom t.c.o., no continuity thru hood t.c.o. (as expected) input at low voltage transformer 0,0-neutral, 120 v. output from lvt 4,5,0,3,4 volts.I replaced the key pad and the circuit board and nothing has changed.the output on the lvt is exactly the same on new and old board. no surface light, fan(s), display or any sign of life. good news is i have maore time and i'm getting very familiar with the unit.Could i have two identically bad boards? Please help.
It's posisible, but you're not looking for voltage when you check the fuses and thermostats. If both cut out thermostats (magnetron and cavity) have continuity, and the in line fuse has continuity, the only other possibility would be the display control board if you're sure you're getting power and neutral to the oven from your house.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i checked for continuity when it was unplugged. later when plugged in i verified that there was power on both sides of the fuse or T.C.O.
it seems to be the circuit board. the thing that bothers me is that on both boards the low voltage transformer has exactly the same output voltage. is there a way to check the board or repair it?