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Samsung DMT800 will not turn on. No lights at all. Have

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Samsung DMT800 will not turn on. No lights at all. Have verified power is at the machine. Have heard there is a fuse that can blow but cannot find it. Please help.
Hello and thanks for using this service. Some models have on inline fuse on the neutral wire coming from the power plug. You need to check power coming to the PCB board at plug CN1 It will have a black & white wire going into it. You should measure 120v across the black and white wire. If you do not read 120 volts then follow the white wire all the way back to the plug. The is a fuse it will be on that wire.
The fuse will be in a plastic tube on the left side of the machine where the power cord comes into the machine. You will have to remove the unit from the cabinet to access the side panel.
If you read 120 volts across the black & white wire at pin CN1 and you have no power to the machine. Then the main PCB board is bad and you will have to replace it.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I think the board is bad. I can't see a fuse anywhere yet I was told there was. I don't have my volt meter at home but I used my power sensing pen and it lights up red where the white and black wire come to the board.
The pen is ok for general location of electrical power, but for troubleshooting a problem like you have, you will need a voltmeter.
The fuse is in a plastic holder down on the bottom of the machine where the power cord enters the machine. Take off the bottom panel and the side panel if needed. Most likely the PCB is blown and you will have to replace it.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
There is not a power cord like a plug in per say. It's wired to the power box with straight wire. No plug. I will look for the bottom panel.
I meant the power line coming into the machine. If it is hardwired, the wire will come into a junction box with wire nuts securing the leads. One will be a white wire going back up into the machine to the control PCB board.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks. I found out it has full service warranty that I paid for and forgot about so they are coming to fix it. I will give you good rating so you get paid for your time. Thanks again.
Your welcome, glad you have a warranty. These machines are a pain to work on.
If you give me a ratinfg of good service or better that would be great!
Thanks so much for coming back and telling me Laughing
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