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I have a KitchenAid Superba Convection Oven Model #KEBC107KSS05,

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I have a KitchenAid Superba Convection Oven Model #KEBC107KSS05, SERIAL #XT4603906 built in. I believe it was installed 2005. It was not used until 2008. I used the self cleaning feature for the first time yesterday. I pushed 'clean' and then 'start' and when it was complete four letters appeared in the window that began with FS.. and I pushed cancel and opened the door. It was clean. Now I cannot get the oven to warm up at all and I cannot keep the clock on. When I start the oven or the clock they stay on for only about 10 seconds. Then the oven temperature goes from my choice to 'Low' and never even warms up at all... and the clock goes matter if I set it at 'bake' or 'convection bake' or 'broil' and no matter what temperature I try. The clock is accurate when I do see it in the window briefly and the fan does work continually when I set it at a convection setting...just absolutely no heat. Can you help me?
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

First, press and hold the clock set button for 10 seconds and tell me if that gets the time display to stay on, you might just have the oven set in stand by.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
OK the clock is on
OK perfect, so now you just have the heating problem. The oven stops heating after self clean (or even sometimes broiling) because there is a thermal fuse on the back of the oven that monitors if the oven gets too hot. Now the problem with these thermal fuses is that they are set at such a low tolerance that they will fail even when nothing is wrong if you run the unit through self clean since it gets so hot. You'll need to uninstall the entire oven and remove the back panel to access the thermal fuse you need to replace. To avoid the issue in the future, just turn the self clean time down to something like 2:30 instead of 3:30.


All I ask of you is to please rate me with one of the top 3 ratings. If there is anything else I can help you with today just let me know. You can continue asking questions for as long as you like even after you rate me. Click the continue conversation link if you would like to continue this conversation. If you are done and rate a 1 or 2 star please consider using the "continue conversation" link and telling me what more I can do or what more you would have liked that was within my power so that I possibly give you that information or help me improve my customer satisfaction rating.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have ordered the fuse that most likely burned out. My husband will be home from Alaska on Saturday and I need him to read what you said. How can I save your instructions?
You just need to bookmark the page, save it in your favorites, or print the conversation using print screen. Either way, you can continue to view the conversation and ask follow up for months even after you rate me or leave the website.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I dont know how to bookmark yet...dont have a teenager in the house. So I wiIl print this page. How do I write you again? I think you will be in my history. How then do I request you?
You don't need to request me. If you open up your history it will bring you right back to this question. That's what I'm trying to explain---the question never closes out whether you close the screen, rate me, leave the site---you can always come back to your question because you paid to ask for it and we honor all follow-up questions no matter how long it's been.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank-you. Have a good evening.