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GE air conditioner AJES09DCCM2 older model with analog conrtol

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GE air conditioner AJES09DCCM2 older model with analog conrtol switches - no digital circuit board. No mini wiring diagram in the case. Replaced the fan motor but lost the photos of the wiring i took before disassembly. Can you help with a diagram or verbal description of wiring connections for the motor? Thx
Let me see what I can find for you. Please stand by.

Hi Roger,

I'm going to attach the wiring diagram. I hope you can view it. If not, let me know.


Attachment: 2012-07-20_152413_geac.pdf

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Justin: This is the same diagram GE sent me, but it is not the right one for my AC unit. The one you sent has a circuit board with pin connectors. Mine is older - it has a rotary switch for the fan hi/lo and AC hi/lo control. The fan and compressor wires are connected by spade connectors, and I don't know what colors go to the numbered connections on the switch.
Ok, let me search again. I went directly to GEs site. Give me a few minute to try to find something similar. The exact model did not pull anything up. In the interim, please take a photo of the fan motor wiring and the rotary switch. Use the paper clip icon to upload them and we'll try to solve this together.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I am not at the unit, so I am having a family member take a couple of pictures for me. It will be a few minutes...

Ok, the mini manual part number is XXXXX The problem is the internet GE technical archive does not list this. You might call GE to see if they can locate this mini manual in their document archives. In the interim, I'll upload the service manual of one I found. Refer to page 9 to see if it matches your situation.

Attachment: 2012-07-20_155735_geacservman.pdf

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Page 9 for the non-electronic is very similar to mine. I have one fan motor while it has 2, but I think it answers my questions. I am very confident you have helped me sort it out. Thanks!

No problem. If this doesn't help you, try with some photos and definitely contact GE to search for the mini manual number I provided you. If it isn't in the technical archives online, I can't access it. I'll be around if you require more help. Good luck Roger.
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