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GE washer model WCSR4170DAWW. Extremely loud squeal during

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GE washer model WCSR4170DAWW. Extremely loud squeal during spin on any cycle.
What would cause this?

Jon Grella : Hello
Jon Grella : My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am an authorized GE service tech and ican help you today
Jon Grella : Does this sound as loud as a plane taking off? That is Whatis is described most as.
Jon Grella : It is common. And means the main bearing on washer is damaged. And everytime it spins youLet a very loud squeel
Jon Grella : And the clothes are probably left wetter then normal correct?
Jon Grella : Believ it or not it is common for these models unfortunately .
Jon Grella : And if this machine is out of warranty it is not recommended to replace the main bearing. Which consists of the inner and outer tubs and other components. And would cost more then $600 before labor.
Jon Grella : And this is not a job a home wonder can do on their own youwouldneed to call a service company in to do it for you.
Jon Grella : But I would not recommend replacing the bearing. Unless under warranty.

I never thought of it as a plane taking off. It does sound as metal grinding on metal and very loud. After fiddling with the dial and finding later spots at the end of the spin (after the rinse) cycle, it eventually spins without the noise and the clothes are dry enough for the dryer. But all this does not allow it to spin enough to wash properly. Just a quick soaking and quick spin dry. Not a complete wash and spin dry.


The expert dropped my chat before I could reply. He did not carefully read what I said in the first place --- there ARE points in the spin cycle that if I put the pointer dial at the right spots, it WILL spin without the noise. But there is no way I can get a complete wash at all. The expert just assumed the squeal was at all points of the spin settings.


I don't feel that he can be completely correct if he does not consider all my information. Too quick to assume he has the answer without reading all the information. Not satisfied.

Jon Grella : I amhere
Jon Grella : Sorry for the delay
Jon Grella : Webiste and connection issues
Jon Grella : I did read all of your info
Jon Grella : And if the at any point inThe spincycle you get that noise you describe it is themain bearing
Jon Grella : You may only get the noise in peticular spots on the spincycle because it spins at various speeds. And at the beginning stage of themainbearingbeeing damaged it will only give noise in some cycles

ok. the bearing is usually out, but sometimes it works?

Jon Grella : Not that it is out. It is separating as it spins. Which is why it gives you the noise

ok. I accept the information. Thanks.

Jon Grella : The bearing may not separate on all stages of the spin cycle now.
Jon Grella : But it will if left unprepared. And eventually it will not spin at all

so, basically is is going out and almost gone.

Jon Grella : Almost yes. I would do as light a load as possible to get most life out of it.
Jon Grella : Do me a favor
Jon Grella : I would like for you to check one thing quickly for me
Jon Grella : Are you withthe machine now?

It is in another room. what do you wish me to do?

Jon Grella : Remove the front panel and visually inspect the bearing of the transmission
Jon Grella : To remove the front panel do this
Jon Grella : There are two clips holding the panel on. They are about four inches in from the right and left side. They are I between the top and front panels.
Jon Grella : You would need to stick a putty knife I between the panels and pushinthe clips. Once the clips is pushed in pull the front panel out. After the panel is out ou will notice the motor below in center. And behind that is the bearing of the transmission. It runs straight through the bottom of the agitator.
Jon Grella : Do you see any signs of oil onthe bottom of the washer or near the transmission? Or on thfloor below the tranny or motor? And even onthe sides of the washer cabinet?
Jon Grella : Sometimes when the oil leaks fromthe separation of bearing, it will splash the oil all over th interior of the cabinet. You will see a line of oils all over the cabinet. Do you see that?

ok. I will check.

Jon Grella : If yes, then for sure the bearing is bad and will likely not spin at all soon. And would not be worth the repair
Jon Grella : Sorry for the bad news but I trying to save you money inThe long run. It would not make sense for you to spend the money onthe bearing to only have another repair not so far down the road. As if the nearing job wouldn't be to costly enough as is.

Sorry. The panel didn't come off. Rather than keep you online so long. Later - if there is oil, then bad and get a different machine.


If no oil, then still the bearing, or any other possibilies?

Jon Grella : Here's a good video showing you how to remove the front panel
Jon Grella :
Jon Grella : Check it out. It will help you With removing the front panel
Jon Grella : If and remove the front panel and check for the oil. But if you don't see any oil it doesn't mean the bearing is good. It just means the bearing has not fully broken down yet. It just means that it is at the beginning stages. And you may get some more months out of it.
Jon Grella : The fact that you hear a squeal front he machine during a spin cycle mean the bearing is starting to go. And is most definitely causing problems withthe belt and motor as well.
Jon Grella : So please take my advice and use themachine as long as you can then just junk it when it completely fails on you. It will not be worth it for you put money into the repair.

ok. Thanks, Jon. You did a good job. Have a nice night. Bye.

Jon Grella : If you feel that I have answered your question please remember to rate my performance below before logging out of this chat today. And please rate with ok service or better so that I canbet credit for helping you.
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Thank you again for the positive rating and feedback. And for the very generous bonus as well. It is greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to get back to me here at any time if you have more questions on this machine and I will help you more for no additional charge.

Thanks again.