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Kenmore Dishwasher Model 66513729K - top rack rusted; through

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Kenmore Dishwasher Model 66513729K - top rack rusted; through Sears had replacement rack ordered, received and installed; the original rack had four vertical dividers permanently fixed; the replacement has been installed under a Sears workorder, but has only two permant upright dividers and two loose dividers with an array of plastic clips; neither the technician or the owner (me) could figure out how to assemble the two additional dividers, and not having them in place severely restricts the capacity of the top rack - due to the possibility of pieces of glassware coming in contact during the wash operation. Are there instructions for attaching these clips and securing the dividers ?

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In a word, "No". There are no instructions provided to do that. Unfortunately I do not have a spare dishrack sitting around to take photos of.

Two recommendations: Visit a Sears or Lowe's. Find any Kitchen-Aid, or Whirlpool dishwasher and look for a similar rack. At Sears, look for a Kenmore starting with a 665. prefix.

Second recommendation: Visit a local appliance repair shop. Most towns have a few. Bring your rack in for a tech to try to look at. Those racks are tricky, but if you find someone with a little experience, you may find your problem solved. There is really no possible way to describe how those clips go in over the internet. I wish there was, and I truly wish we could be of more help here, but try my two recommendations. I'm sure one of those will direct you to your answer.

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