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i have a Zub-Zero 650/F Sn14427778 and the refridg section

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i have a Zub-Zero 650/F Sn14427778 and the refridg section is not cooling below 44 F and the Bottom Freezer is just fine stays below 0 F. i have cleaned the condensor on top and checked all power to unit. Sub-Zero tell me that my unit has two compressors which i have verified. about a month ago my unit formed ice to the left just abov e the veg tray and now is consendating. i would like to check 134A at refridg compressor but my unit has a valve at each compressor but cannot find the low pressure tap. I suspect that i have a leak in the evap on the refridg side but need the pres tap locations and correct pres both Hi and Low.

SubZero_Wolf Expert :

Hello, I can help you with this. The low side tap is on the compressor stem, the high side is not accessible unless you tap it (at the filter drier). Based on the fact that you had a frost ball near the compressor, I'm sure you have a leak (low pressure). You should have 10lbs at the compressor. If low then you have a leak if above 20 then you have a weak compressor. I find there is no need to check high side. If you have leak then you will need to replace the evaporator. Let me know what you find and I can assist you further. Thanks, Sam

SubZero_Wolf Expert :

Also the refer compressor is the one on the right.


after replacing the evap, how can you recharge without attaching to both low and high. i have 25 vehicles and 100 heavy machines and we repair the AC all the time but always charge through the hi side and watch the lo.

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