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I have an old built-in Hotpoint oven from the 50s, and the

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I have an old built-in Hotpoint oven from the 50's, and the thermostat won't work anymore. When I turn the oven on, it just stays on. I've looked for parts, but have been unable to find a replacement thermostat. I would like to keep the oven, since it is very narrow, and would have to modify the cabinet if I were to buy a new one. Can the oven be retrofitted with a universal thermostat and selector switch combination?
Unfortunately there really is no such thing as a universal thermostat or selector switch. So many thousands of applications and thermocouple lengths. What is the model number? If you give me a few days, I can research to see if these parts are available. The model tags on 1950s appliances are usually stamped on metal tag. I'd have to go through microfiche to try to locate the info. That can take time. Let me know what the model number is XXXXX we will go from there.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Ok. The model is a Hotpoint Electric Built-in Oven, Cat. No. 10RJC111. 4.0 KW. Serial No.(NNN) NNN-NNNN THe part number for the thermostat is 602776. It is a Hotpoint thermostat.


When you measure the length of the thermocouple, do you only measure the length inside the oven, or the length of the entire device from the back of the thermostat to the tip of the thermocouple?


I appreciate your help.

If you're trying to match something up, you'd measure the ENTIRE length of the capillary tube.

I'll see what I can do, but I may need a few days to research this. Are you ok with that?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Yes. No problem. Let me know if you need measurements.



Ok, I'll reply to you hopefully by Tuesday. Double check the model number though. Usually a CAT number is XXXXX the model.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I took a pic of the tag. Tag for Oven


I have my parts guy trying to find this on microfiche. I'll respond to you once I have some information. Should be today yet. These older models take some time to research. Thanks for your patience.


Hello. The thermostat part number WB21X5068 is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. If you search and search and search online, you may find one somewhere, but it's unlikely. As I previously mentioned, there really is NOT a universal thermostat. Not only are the wiring procedures different, but cap tube lengths, shaft lengths and widths, and mounting itself.

The selector switch however IS available. The part number is XXXXX and it retails for around $85. You may want to research thermostat rebuilds online. I know there are probably companies who do that sort of work. Unfortunately, all I can do is assess your situation, try to help with a diagnosis and, assist you in finding parts that are not listed as NLA. So, you'll have to search for that T'stat, or see if yours can be rebuilt. Good luck.

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