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I have a Quite Partner IV Whirlpool Dishwasher which is not

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I have a Quite Partner IV Whirlpool Dishwasher which is not running but is plugged in. I press in the various types of washing cycles (I typically use “quick wash”) but they are not working. However, when I press one those types of washing cycle (for example, “Soak and scoure”), then the light of “Refill Rinse Aid” turns on. I don’t know if that has anything to do. Also, something strange is that when I press the “Cancel” button something starts to work (is seems like the motor) but is not actually washing. Does anyone have any idea of what it can be?
Hello there, I'll be glad to assist you. The fact that when you hit start cancel, and you hear a noise (probably the drain pump) tells me that the control board is probably ok. The fact that you have no response from other certain buttons on your panel tells me your user interface panel is bad. Since you have that one light coming on, the control board is certainly capable of producing the low voltage to power the LEDs. You need to replace your user interface panel. That'll correct your problem.
By the way Ivan, if you need help with a part number, I can do that. I'll require a model number. The model tag on Whirlpool dishwashers is located on the dishwasher tub frame right near the door gasket. I'll only be up for a few more minutes tonight, but if I'm gone by the time you get this, I'll reply to you tomorrow with that part number. Good luck!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Justin. I got your answer. Thanks. However, there is sometihg that is still not clear and it does not make sense. When I press the "Cancel" button it not only triggers some type of function (as you said, maybe the water pump) but it also lights the "Time remaining function" (it actually lights the numbers) and I press the "delay button" and it lights up with some numbers (it seems that that interface is working). Is that possible, even if the Interface is bad?
Yes if some but all buttons don't respond, your interface is bad. Each button usually shares a circuit with two or three others. It's an active overlay. Trust me on this, as this is a common symptom.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Justin,


Ok. I’ll trust you. I just wanted to make sure that I give you all the information and you did not miss anything so you can recommend a more accurate solution. On other thing, you told me that you could help me with a part number (all I had to do is give you a model number). What would I need to do once you send me the part number? How about installing the part? Is that simple? By the way, the model number is: GU1500XTLS1. Best regards XXXXX XXXXX

You can buy the part from a multitude of appliance part vendors online, ie...tribles, 1st source Servall, Marcone, Sears. Try They'll be able to match up the correct color for you. Just have your model number handy. I did look up the part, but there is no break down for color. Once you install it, you'll be in business. Just remove the screws from the inside of the door liner, then you can change it out. Usually either T-15 or T-20 torx screws. You can get those torx bits at any hardware store.
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