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I installed my Bosch dishwasher several years ago, and have

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I installed my Bosch dishwasher several years ago, and have had no problems. This morning my wife noticed that the unit appeared to be tilting to one side...the door top was not even with the counter top. I checked the counter with a level and it was ok, but the dishwasher door wasn't. I admit that I noticed it was uneven a long time (years) ago, but everything worked fine so I didn't worry about I need to fix it. I took off the cover under the unit door, and can't figure out how I'm going to level the unit. Help, please! Bill xxxxxxxxxxxx Upper Nyack, NY
WIth the cover off at the toe kick, you should see some pieces that look like a flat blade screw driver would fit into. These are your leveling leg adjustments. Some Bosch dishwashers have two, some have three. The one in the middle, if yours has this, is for the rear. The left is for the left front, the right is for the right front. Just make sure that you have clearance above the unit if you want to raise it up. Also, when you're done leveling it, ensure your door strike is closing dead center with the latch. This can be done by placing a small dot with a sharpie on the top of the inner door liner and visually inspecting it as you close it into the latch. If you do not see the pieces I'm referring to, I'll need to have your model number so I can look it up....
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Justin - Thanks! I figured out how to use the screwdriver on each leg,
leveled the unit, and am a happy camper. Best of all, my wife will be
impresses with your help and my finding out how to fix the "problem".
Thanks in advance for the kiss and hug I'll get from her when she gets
home from work!
:) Bill

Haha, I hope you'll be her hero. Thanks again, and as always, come back to Just Answer with any other problems!