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I have a GE Profile bottome freezer unit. Model# XXXXX

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I have a GE Profile bottome freezer unit. Model# XXXXX fridge. The motherboard went out and GE told me to replace it with the WR55X10942. This is a new motherboard and the instructions had me cut a couple of wires. The wire in the jumper on the motherboard I cut worked great and the fridge part works. then it says for my model to cut the "green" wire in the bottom of the unit. The only green wire is the ground wire. I cut it and the freezer wont get cold enough. Any thoughts? Should I cut a different wire?
That sheet within the box is VERY specific. The only way you cut any wire is if there was a wire installed in pin 2 of the thermistor connector on the board. I can't recall if it's J1 or J2, but it's the connector with the multiple blue wires in it. Position 2 in the connector may or may NOT have had a wire in it. If you cut the 2nd wire in that connector, but it was in position 3, then you cut the wrong one. The instructions say all bottom freezers, however, are you 10000000000% positive that number 2 position was not an empty slot????? The ground wire should not have been cut unless there was a capacitor wired in as I recall. If you did cut J2-3 by accident, it would definitely affect your freezer temps. J2-3 and J2-4 are both thermistors within the freezer. One is the evaporator thermistor, the other is the freezer thermistor. My guess is you cut the wrong wire. Take a photo and upload it here so I can see for certain. Use the paper clip icon above to attach.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Looks like you were right, 2nd spot was empty and I cut the 3rd. Do I need to repair that wire?


After that, do I need to cut a wire on the lower portion? It asks to cut the green wire. Thanks a ton for your help!!

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Uploaded the wrong pic, sorry!
Yep, you cut the wrong one.. easy mistake. The position of that is J2-3.... J2-2 is empty on your model. It just means there is only one thermistor in your fresh food side. Older units had two. They determined J2-2 was not required, and the new board you put in was not designed to share with another thermistor in the fresh section. Repair J2-3 and you should be good.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
So no need to do anything at the bottom of the unit with the mystereous "green wire?" I REALLY appreciate your help!!
You're welcome, I'm happy to help. I run my own business repairing appliances, I always enjoy helping. The green wire is a ground, do not cut it UNLESS there is a cap wired in. I did not see the one the instruction sheet refers to. You should be good once you repair J2-3.
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