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I have an Amana Sofsound III dishwasher. The blade that should

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I have an Amana Sofsound III dishwasher. The blade that should turn and shoot water around on the upper dish tray does not turn so that the dishes in the upper basket do not get washed. I have checked this out by turning on the dishwasher while I was holding the door so I can watch what is happening. I can see that there is water is coming in from the spout that is attached to the upper roof of the washer but the water pressure doesn't turn the upper blade. Instead the water just runs out of the holes of that blade. Why would this happen?
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can you start this and let it fill then open the door and tell me how much water is in the bottom in inches ? does it reach the heater or above ? can you get me the model number also ?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I want to change my answer: You asked about the heating unit. Now I see what you mean, it's the heating ring in the bottom of the washer. No the water does not reach the heating unit. The bottom of the dishwasher is concave so that the water is one inch deep in the middle but does not reach the heat unit that is located on the slightly higher edge of the dishwasher floor.
okay perfect. I can tell you whats going on. Your not getting enough water. when the water is circulating through the pump and spray arms it doesn't have enough water to reach the top spray assembly with any force, you may see a little dribble down but thats all. do this for a test. after this fills pour another gallon or enough water in it to at least reach the heater and then start it again. I'll bet it sprays then. let me know.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Okay, I have added first one gallon then another half gallon and still the top spray assembly does not go around. Your suggestion is that there is not enough water for the force needed to turn the arm. Actually, there has always been lots of water gushing out not just a dribble. When I added another gallon there MAY have been more force but it's hard to tell the difference. There was definitely never just a dribble.Even though the spray arm seems to turn freely when I give it a push by hand, maybe there is just enough friction for some reason that is won't turn with the water force. I notice that there is only one hole at the end of the arms that is aimed to one side. The rest of the holes are aimed up, therefore only that one hole would provide any force to push the arm. Is this a problem with other washers? I have also taken the arm apart and washed out any sticky soap particles so it will turn the most freely possible. It's a mystery. I know that this top spray arm used to work because I suddenly began to notice that the upper dishes were not getting clean. What do you think?
Wow well thats the way the arms are designed and that wouldn't be why after working before its not now. What is the model #?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
okay this unit has the service kit, (basically the pump and motor assembly) that would need to be replaced, its not creating enough pressure even though it seems like it to you its isn' takes a lot the run the spay arms in this machine. the problem is its no longer available as far as I can see. the part # XXXXX if you want to search the internet for one. its also expensive. around $230.00 You may want to think about replacing the machine at that cost but thats up to you. the assembly is # XXXXX on this diagram. I wish I had better news, sorry. hope I've helped though. have a great weekend, Bryan
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