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I have a 2006 Bosch Nexxt gas dryer, model # XXXXX

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I have a 2006 Bosch Nexxt gas dryer, model # XXXXX Recently, after a week of non-use, the dryer will not always start properly. You select a cycle, load the clothes, and if it is working properly, the number of minutes will show in the control panel, and it will start when you push the start button. But sometimes the number of minutes does not appear, and the dryer will not start. By repeatedly closing and opening the door, it will sometimes fix itself and start. Sometimes it stops prematurely. Sometimes it finishes the cycle. I have the control unit out, and I'm wondering if the door switch is going bad. What do you think?
The door switch certainly sounds feasible. I know I've seen them go bad, and the internal parts of the switch may be hanging up. With the intermittency of the issue, I can tell you that it's tough to solve online. However, a door switch for those dryers is generally very reasonable in price to replace. If all you're doing to resolve the issue is open and close the door a few times, it sounds to me like you have hit the nail on the head.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Can you offer some help in what I need to do to remove and replace this switch? I have the control unit off, and there is limited access to the switch which is located on the top of the drum.

Is it possible that if I add a little extension on the probe which contacts the switch, that could fix the problem?
You could try adding an extension as a temporary fix. These dryers are fun (kidding). The entire repair starts at the back. There are a million T20 torx screws that you must remove to get the rear panel off, then you'll have the drum support behind that to remove. It's not really too tough, but it's kind of crazy how you need to access things from the rear to get to things in the front. Unfortunately, that's how these dryers are. I'd use a T20 bit in a power drill/ hand driver to remove them. There's a lot of screws. Try the temp fix first to kind of rule that switch in or out. It could also be a loose wire or bad solder joint causing this, so I'd be looking for that as well. Hope this helps.
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