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I have a ge microwave oven, model # XXXXX that recently

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I have a ge microwave oven, model # XXXXX that recently started shutting dowm power after appro. 2-3 minutes of cooking time. Afetr it shuts down, it powers back up in approx. 15 minuets but i have to reset the clock, etc.The oven is 7 years old and otherwise works good. can it be fixed economically or should i replace it?

Please double check your model number for me. That one doesn't seem to be coming up as valid. Sometimes letters and numbers look similar. Of course, you may have it correct, but just need verification.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

GE Spacesaver XL-1800, Model # XXXXX ( the last 0 in the model # XXXXX be an " O " but i feel sure it is the number 0 )


thanks for your help

Yes, this particular model has a tendency to throw the fan blade of the magnetron cooling fan. If you turn it on, you should hear a slight buzz, but also hear a fan blowing air. Good change that fan blade came off the shaft. It's a bugger to get back on if that happened. You need to remove the upper grille, then remove the control panel. Once you take the screw out of the control panel, slide up and it'll tilt back. Look for a fan blade just laying in there. If that fan does not run because the blade is off, your magnetron will over heat. No parts needed. Just small hands, a drop of epoxy on the shaft, then slide the blade back on. Let it rest for 24 hours before use, but spin it to ensure the blade is pushed back just far enough to not bind on anything. Let me know what you find. Grille first, screw in panel second, look behind there for a fan blade laying.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
is the upper grille held on w/screws? my cabinet covers the complete top of the microwave and I cannot see if it has screws. if so then i will have to pull the unit forward i guess. is it held in place with screws, too.
if the installation covers the complete top of the grille, then yes, you'll have to pull the entire unit down. That's more of a pain, but I can tell you from experience I'm fairly confident that's what you're issue is. There should be three screws in your cabinet which hold the microwave up. DO NOT try to do this alone, someone must support the base of the microwave as these screws are removed, then you tilt the microwave forward and lift off the brackets.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

You were correct. The blade was off the shaft! I put it back on and super glued the shaft...moved the blade forward and back and seated it after i verified the blade would turn without striking the housing. I just hope the glue holds it!


Thanks for your advice. you were most helpful.