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Maytag model MZD2665HEW is running warm in fridge and freezer.

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Maytag model MZD2665HEW is running warm in fridge and freezer. Started noticing ice maker issues several days ago, just wasnt making ice fast enough. Chalked it up to fact that weather was very hot and we were using more. Since fridge seemed warm too we bumped up the thermostat settings on fridge and freezer and hoped that was that. But still didnt seem right for last few days. Tonight i decided to vacuum and brush the condenser fan grille and condenser coils, they were very dirty. Had fridge off for maybe 40 minutes while doing so. Plugged fridge back in and it has been running for a few hours now. When first turned back on I actually observed frosty air blowing in the freezer section. That looked promising but now several hours later it actually seems like it is getting warmer. Condenser fan running, evaporator fan running, compressor runs but i actually heard it turn off at some point. Considering it is not cold enough i was surprised it turned off. I could see evaporator coils through slots at bottom of freezer section and they dont look iced. Touched condenser and evaporator lines at compressor and they are just a little warmer than room temp. Am I looking at a compressor issue or leak? Any suggestions? Possible warranty issue?

SubZero_Wolf Expert :

Hello, I can help you with this. You really checked everything! you either have a weak compressor or a gas leak. Did you notice the compressor being unusually hot (like burning)?

Customer: No compressor just feels warm.
SubZero_Wolf Expert :

How about the discharge line 6" from the compressor? hotter or the same as compressor temp?

Customer: Using infrared temp probe compressor at about 110. Condenser line at about 95. Two lines from evap both around 85.
SubZero_Wolf Expert :

You have a leak for sure then, not enough gas to compress.

SubZero_Wolf Expert :

The discharge line is heated from the compresson, since the compressor is hotter that means that no gas is left in the system.

Customer: So im stuck needing a service call on july 4th!! Curious but you think the cleaning I did aggravated the situation in any way or just coincidence? Do i pursue a warranty isssue asuming it is still covered? Is the compressor typically covered for 5 years? If so, do i call for factory service or a local guy who handles claims?
SubZero_Wolf Expert :

Usually 5 years on the evaporator (likeliest leak point) I think the cleaning was just a coincodince. The warranty would cover the parts not labor, you could go on the maytag website and find the warranty company in your area, they should be able to get the evaporator directly from Maytag for free for you. They should be able to do an emegercy charge to get you buy till they get the part.

Customer: One final observation. Why did i see frosty air blowing in freezer when i furst turned it back on. I thought for sure it was just dirty coils.
SubZero_Wolf Expert :

At the very beginning of a turn on you don't have the compressor heat working against you. Once the compressor heats up from the mechanical action that works against you.

SubZero_Wolf Expert :

Same principal as the fan motor.

Customer: Ok. Wish me luck. Lots of food in freezer. Thanks.
SubZero_Wolf Expert :

You may have to eat fast. good luck and happy 4th. Also you should know you did more checking of components on your own than any other customer I've helped in years.

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