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The dishwasher sounds like it is processing (water running

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The dishwasher sounds like it is processing (water running and clicking sounds at various times during the first part of the cycle) but the interior never get wets (the interior spinners never move). Also, when the selector know gets to the point in the cycle where it is pointing straight down it never goes further. It is in the dry cycle at this point and the interior is indeed quite warm but the cycle select knob never goes further so it never gets to the end and signals complete.

There may be both a cycle switch issue and/or a motor spin issue but I don't know how to isolate to determine which one. Any ideaa?
The wash pump is not running here. You will need and know how to use a voltmeter to diagnose what is wrong here as guessing will get nowhere here. If you can proceed then I need the full model#.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It is modeled Kenmore but the Model tag states Electrolux # XXXXX
You'll need to access the wash pump and see if it is getting power when it should be washing. It is quite obvious what this part is once you look under the unit.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Okay. I pulled the access panel from the underside and can see where I possibly need to check. I saw the main power lines (black and white) and numerous other colored wires going to sensors and switch locations (orange, yellow, etc). The main washer pump is most likely the big item in the center but I cannot isolate which wires do what form my limited viewing angle.
Getting to anything without pulling the dishwasher out will be extremely difficult if not impossible. My hands are just too big. Is there anything i can do short of pulling it out and doing the voltage check?.
If you can see the color of the wire that goes to the pump then you can check it inside the console and check between the white neutral wire for voltage. I do not have a diagram that tells me the wire color and sometimes schematics change as well, so looking is the best way. The unit would only need to be pulled out a bit for you to do the check and that is not difficult to do.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Partial success. in pulling the console, I found the wiring diagram service data sheet. It has the pump circuit as the white and blue. Underneath the washer, the white and blue go back towards the back where i cannot see where they connect. I am not sure how much more I can do online as I need to proceed carefully at this point. Still not sure whether pulling the machine out is possibly due to how it has been built.

After starting the timer and having it in the wash cycle portion, Would I be able to check the voltage across the blue and white up near the timer or do I need to do it on the wires below? I believe I would have to go through the insulation and then tape it up afterward. Question: If ther is no voltage, would it be safe to assume the problem is with the timer or where do i go if I have voltage?

You check as I said before- between the blue and white. You can do this in the console area or at the pump- those blue and white wires plug right into the pump. No voltage means bad timer.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I checked between the blue and the white up near the timer. I get a voltage affirmative all ALL settings of the timer. All the white connections appear to be common on the diagram. I would prefer checking close to the pump but cannot get closer.
Then the pump is bad unless the wire came off or is broken (have never seen that on these). It is always good to make sure as guessing never fixed anything. You need to see if this is worth the repair cost to you if the pump is indeed bad as it appears to be from your check.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I understand. I will attempt to verify the things you identified to remove any guesswork. Thanks. One final question - why would it show voltage across the blue and white at all settings of the timer?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
,I understand. I will attempt to verify the things you identified to remove any guesswork. Thanks.  One final question - why would it show voltage across the blue and white at all settings of the timer?
There should be no reading when the unit is in the dry cycle.The pump is running pretty much all the time in any cycle except the drying portion. The unit will need to be pulled out to make the final diagnosis and repair.
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