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DTech80, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 731
Experience:  3rd generation tech/owner. 12+ years of in home appliance repair service experience, over 15,000 repairs completed. Regular contributor of articles on appliance service to Marcone World Magazine.
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GE Gas Dryer model DBSR453GB2wv Dryer wont turn on,...

Customer Question

GE Gas Dryer model DBSR453GB2wv

Dryer won't turn on,... 110 works...maybe the possible pilot switch? What type of screw driver is needed to remove the panel? Or does it pry off
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  gst85 replied 5 years ago.

gst85 :

good morning.the screws that you are going to see are either going to need a phillips or 1/4inch screwdriver.which is a hex type.

gst85 :

if you open the door,will the light come on?

JACUSTOMER-d80csog6- : Yes the light comes on in the dryer, don't have a hex 1/4 screw driver
gst85 :

ok what you may have is most likely a bad thermal fuse.wn be bypashich will stop the dryer from it can be bypassed or tested for continuity by using a voltmeter.

gst85 :

i will post the part number as well as a diagram.

gst85 :

here is what the part looks like a fuse.High Limit Thermostat WE4M182 Alternate Product View

gst85 :


Part Number: PS267927

JACUSTOMER-d80csog6- : Actually I do have the right screw drive and I just took off the panel
gst85 :

i have posted these diagrams that will show the location.

gst85 :

is there anything else that i can do help you with?

gst85 :

are you still with me?

JACUSTOMER-d80csog6- : Yes I am, went to compare the image. I
gst85 :

were you able to locate the part?

JACUSTOMER-d80csog6- : So I take off the heat deflecter with a hex
gst85 :

if you lift the top cover,you should be able to gain access.

gst85 :

can you see where that part is located on the diagram?

JACUSTOMER-d80csog6- : The top cover being the panel where the controls are?
gst85 :

correct.if you just tilt the cover can get to the part.unless it shows a different location.

JACUSTOMER-d80csog6- : According to the diagram it's between the heat deflecter and The diffuser gas plate
gst85 :

so what you will need to do then is remove the drum as not sure if you are willing to do that.when you press the start button.what does it do what do you hear?

JACUSTOMER-d80csog6- : Nothing.....I've already removed the Heat Deflecter....
gst85 :

can you now see the part?

JACUSTOMER-d80csog6- : No, it looks like the Drum would have to come out. Is rear access easier?
gst85 :

does y9our model have a rear access panel?

gst85 :

that you can see?

JACUSTOMER-d80csog6- : It appears to
gst85 :

ok then yes you can.once you get to the part.go ahead and bypass it.then try starting it.the drryer should start right up.

gst85 :

you have the part number.

JACUSTOMER-d80csog6- : How do you bypass it
gst85 :

do you see two connections on it?

JACUSTOMER-d80csog6- : I'm not that fast, it'll take me awhile to pull it it out etc., but if you don't mind explaining
gst85 :

sure.just unplug both connections the splice them twist them both together so that they can make contact.the dryer should start right up.

JACUSTOMER-d80csog6- : Will it start when Put the 2 ends together or do I need to turn the switch?
gst85 :

you will also need to turn the start switch as well.

gst85 :

make sure that the door switch is connected to.

JACUSTOMER-d80csog6- : Does the back panel come off by removing the 8 side screws?
gst85 :

no you have a different model.this part will have to be access from the inside

gst85 :

some will take some time.

JACUSTOMER-d80csog6- : So the back panel doesn't come off?
gst85 :

it seems that on your model it does not.

JACUSTOMER-d80csog6- : Than how do you get the drum out?
Expert:  DTech80 replied 5 years ago.
Hello, I'm David. I'll be helping you solve your problem. Let's start from scratch. To disassemble the machine you open the door, Look at the top of the door opening, there are two screws. Remove those screws. You can now remove the top panel. First thing to check is the belt. This machine has a belt switch, if the belt is broken it will not run. Is the belt broken, or even just off the pulley? If so, it will need to be replaced, or re-installed if it just came off the pulley. (Belt is part # WE12M22). If the belt is not broken or off the pulley there may be a problem with the door switch or the hi-limit cutout. First check the the belt and then get back to me. For the record, the back is meant to be removed on this dryer.

-To continue from your last question: To remove the drum you must, with dryer UNPLUGGED, reach into the unit, under the drum, with both hands (one on the left and one on the right). You'll need to push the pulley to the to the right with one hand and release the belt with the other. Now you can pull the drum out, which is a bit more of a pain in the neck than it sounds like, but there is nothing holding it in now.