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My whirlpool duet sport stopped spinning with four minutes

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My whirlpool duet sport stopped spinning with four minutes left. Couldnt get it to do anything. No error codes came up at all. Plugging and unplugging on took it back to where it was. Finally took the bottom off of the unit and unlocked the door that way. Unplugged and plugged back in and was able to select a new wash cycle. Hit power, heard the click and nothing happened. The time did not change and the controls and timer never went black. Currently unplugging for a longer time to get a total power drain and see if that helps. Any other suggestions??
Welcome..I have 23 years of Experience In the Appliance Repair Field..Working directly with All Major Appliance Brands.most often when this happens the drain pump is blocked or faulty..Remove the very bottom panel..(3 screws along the very bottom edge)..Behind the panel is the pump filter..Clean the filter out..Be warned that once you remove the filter cap..There will be plenty of water leaking out..A shop vac works well her..Unscrew the lid slowly..until water is dripping out..Take the shop vac and set the end to catch the water..If you do not have a shop vac you can use a small pan..Most people do not realize there is even a filter at that location..Try this and post back with your findings..Thanks Bob
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have already done that and got everything out.. I cleaned the filter and then used looked up into the hose and got what was in there and replaced the filter.
Once you plug it back in..Can you hear the clicking at the door lock..? The washer starts then washes..But will stop when it gets to the spin cycle..Correct..?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
While waiting for your response, I plugged it back in and was able to start a wash cycle... I am currently watching it. I did not notice the drum spin at all during the wash cycle and now its rinsing.. Going to monitor and see if it spins during the spin cycle. BTW, there are no clothes in the washer right now. not sure if that has an effect
No the items will not have a effect on your problem unfortunately..
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
So, water filled and drained as it should, but I never saw any agitation or spinning during the spin cycle. At the three minute mark of the spin cycle, everything stopped again. The spin light is flashing.
I would start with the door lock..It will either be the door lock or the computer itself..Unfortunately no real way to test .First go over all the connections at the computer..Remove then reinstall each plug on the board...Like i said the most common problem is the door lock...
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
How do I test the door lock? It wont open, so wouldnt that mean it was locked. The only way to unlock it is to pull the tab from the bottom. How do I take the top part off to get to the computer?
You would have to take the lock apart then test the contacts inside with a meter...If the door lock will not open then it is faulty..Like i said a very common problem..You did state the door will not open previously..This is why the drum is not rotating at all....Replace the door lock..
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