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My Miele dw (Inspira G2140) goes through about 5 mins of the

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My Miele dw (Inspira G2140) goes through about 5 mins of the cycle then all 3 lights - rinse, drying and end - all flash together. The operating manual says to turn it off, wait a few seconds then reset and rerun. I tried that and it just keeps doing the same. This is the first problem I've had with the dw in 5 years. Any other ideas? Thanks...
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

If the the lights start flashing in the middle of a cycle, open the door and how high is the water compared to the bottom of the filter handle?

If the machine is empty when the fault occurs, which it most likely will not be, the you are having an issue with the water flow system. Put simply, there is no water entering the dishwasher after the first wash and rinse cycle. You would need to kill the power to the machine and check that the water supply is on and is not kinked or blocked in any way. Which again, should be good if it filled up fine the first time. Then check the water inlet valve filter for a clog of sediment.

The valve to this machine has a filter or screen that catches most of the sediment found in our water supply so that it doesn't damage the valve or dishwasher. And if the sediment is left to build up on the screen it could completely block the flow of water getting into the dishwasher. So remove the valve from the machine and check the filter. You may need to remove the water supply leading to the valve to do this. Then check the screen. And if you find a lot of dirt clean it out and put everything back together and check the machine. Let it run and see if it stops.

Now if there was water in the dishwasher when the fault light came on, can you start a new cycle and have the water drain out (water should drain out the first 20 or 30 seconds of a new cycle)? If the water drains out normally, then there is an issue with the circulation pump motor. Usually it gets jammed or clogged with sediment and causes the circulation pump to bind or sieze. This is the most likely problem you are having. It is common on this model machine and for Miele in general.

To fix this you can do two things.

First remove the filter from inside the bottom of the tub and check to see if there is any build up of food there. And there most likely will be if the filter area has not been cleaned regularly. Just twist off the cup and three move the filter cover and stick you hand in the filter area to check to see if you can see or feel any food. But be careful not to get cut on any sharp pieces of bone or glass. If you find food in there clean it out as best as you can and try to get all of it. Then again put everything back and re try the machine and see if it gives you the error code again.

If it does, it is likely that the clog of food and debris has caused the circulation pump impeller to jam or seize. And it will need to either repaired or replaced. Miele used to give you what is called a circulation pump motor hook tool designed specifically for this problem. In which the tool comes with instructions oh how to use it to unjam the circulation pump and get the machine running again. And if you call Miele directly they should find and tell you if that can still be done. Their number is XXXXX and ask for the technical support department or for the tool and they will get you the info and the tool. And they will usually send it out to you free of charge. This will be the quickest and cheapest way possible to fix this machine.

If after getting the tool and using it properly with supplied instructions, and it still doesn't fix your problem then unfortunately you will have to replace the circulation pump motor. And again for that, call Miele directly. This time ask them for the circulation pump motor.

Now this time, to install the circulation pump motor it will be a bit more involved and time consuming. And will take a qualified technician to install. So it is recommended to also schedule a service appoint while on the phone with them when ordering the part. And this way you can save money on getting the part directly from Miele and have an authorized Miele tech come out to install it. And they should just charge you labor---no parts.

All I ask of you is to please rate me with one of the top 3 ratings. If there is anything else I can help you with today just let me know. You can continue asking questions for as long as you like even after you rate me. Click the continue conversation link if you would like to continue this conversation. If you are done and rate a 1 or 2 star please consider using the "continue conversation" link and telling me what more I can do or what more you would have liked that was within my power so that I possibly give you that information or help me improve my customer satisfaction rating.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I appreciate the information you've given me so far - and I will rate you in one of the top 3 ratings - but I just have a few follow up points: the bottom of the basin has no water when it stops. I did clean that 'filter' that comes out - there was a little build up but nothing significant. And there was a little water pooled under it in that circle bin - I pulled out the non-return valve and that was clean too. What I couldn't find was the drain pump - I'm even looking at the manual where on p. 45 it has a photo with an arrow pointing to a little white plastic item (in the right hand column) - that piece doesn't exist in my unit. Strange. Have you ever come across that before? In fact neither my husband nor I see or feel anything else that 'moves' under the non return valve. Any feedback on that?
The non-return valve isn't going to be an issue---that all has to do with your drain system. You said that the unit isn't even stopping with water inside the basin which means it's not filling up with water. The fill valve and fill hose would be the part you need to replace. It's all one assembly and it's the plastic hose that comes from the dishwasher and connects under the sink to the water supply on your house.
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