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ge refidgerator tbg 14 jaz freezer working but full of ice

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ge refidgerator tbg 14 jaz freezer working but full of ice ,fridge not working
Hello and thank you for using this service.

Can you get me the complete model numebr off the unit...thanks!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
tbg 14jaz
Alright thanks,

You need to remove the back panel and vent assy to see the evaporator. There are a couple screws holding the vent assy to the back panel then a few screws holding the panel and fan on. Once off you will see the evaporator is all iced up. There are two very common issues that cause this on that unit. The heater and the defrost thermostat. The heater is a glass tube heater that runs under the evaporator and the defrost thermostat is clamped to the evaporator in the upper right hand corner. You need a volt meter to test them. The heater should have continuity across the two wires going to it. The defrost thermostat should as well, but only when cold.

Now you can visually inspect them. The thermostat will tyipically look like th top is coming off when it is bad. The heater tube will be all black and green when it goes will not be able to see the coil typically. Here is a lin to the parts for you. Part #618 and 620 are the heater and thermostat


All I ask is that you rate my response and tips are appreciated!
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ok, thanks. Cant see the heater as iced up. Not sure about checking continuity across the 2 wires. Might be clearer once ice is gone?? If either or both "bad" then is it better to get service person in or new fridge in your opinion? Thanks
That is totatlly worth repairing even if you call someone out...typically $125-160 for the whole job with parts from a company.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I have a trade background and basic electronics understanding. Is this something I could do myself? I have a multimeter and basic tooling. Is there any specialty equipment required to perform the repair myself?

By the way, just confirming that the fridge is not working but the freezer is still working. Thanks

Yes you can do this for sure, just it defrosted and you will see the parts and how there held in.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No problem you should be able to do it yourself without issue.