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Kenmore dehumidifier model 25800 - display panel flashing E1

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Kenmore dehumidifier model 25800 - display panel flashing 'E1' then 'E2'. Manual just says 'contact the service center', who will just schedule an appointment. Seems to be running OK, but very hot here. What does E1 and E2 mean and is there anything I can do other than take it in for service?

Jon Grella : What is the full model number of the unit?
Jon Grella : Hello there
Jon Grella : The e1 and2 errors are usually for the sensor and control
Jon Grella : But I will track it down exactly for you when you can get me the full model number of the unit
Jon Grella : It usually starts with 3 numbers then has a decimal point then more numbers. Like(NNN) NNN-NNNN/span>
Jon Grella : Please give a look and see what it says.
<span class="JA_chatAuthorName"Customer:

I couldn't find it but I have the owner's manual - for models 25800-25801-25803-25804. When I called Sears, they indicated it was purchsed in 2007 if that helps.

Jon Grella : That will not help much unfortunately. Try looking either onthe back of the unit or behind the bin inThe front you would pull out to empty the water. And see if the model sticker is there?

OK - Will head down to the basement to check again.

Jon Grella : Great. Thanks. Sorry to be a pain inThe neck hear but I would need the model number of I can't get ou the part info should you need any and the correct error code list as well.
Jon Grella : We can runs some normal checks on the machine when you get a chance. Normally for these models you have a problem withthe bucket switch and or the control board.
Jon Grella : I will walk you through want to do exactly.
Jon Grella : And sometimes if the bucket is not put back in all the way it will not make full contact with the bucket switch inThe back. And if the bucket switch is not depressed the control and machine will not function.
Jon Grella : If the machines functioning just fine or seems to be then you may have a short in the control panel giving you a false error code.
Jon Grella : If this machine is newer then a year old I would call sears directly to havethemcome out and look at it because it is still under the manufacturers warranty. And if you look at it or break it inand way doing so, that would void the warranty. And you would responsible for the repair.
Jon Grella : If under a year they will fix it for free.
Jon Grella : And I would go that route first. I will beThe quickest and cheapest way for you.

Didn't find it on the unit but found the Operations Manual and it is written on the front - A7DH45B2A*A-R

Jon Grella : That looks like the serial number. Does it show the model number? Again it should look like(NNN) NNN-NNNN/span>
<span class="JA_chatAuthorName"Customer:

That number is XXXXX in as model number. The next line says serial no. - JS(might be a 5, rather than S) 764658 252W, purchased June 2005.

Jon Grella : Ok let me check it
Jon Grella : And this is a sears kenmore machine?
Jon Grella : Thatis thmodel number for the owners manual. Not for themachine. The model and serial sticker will be onthe machine. Try looking all over it. Th front behind the bucket inThe machine under it etc.
Jon Grella : Here is what I want you to do. Atleast if we can't find the number we cantry to fix it. First unplug the machine. Then within unolugged remove the bucket. Then look for the switch intheback upper part of the area the bucket would go facing the front. You will see a small usuall white lever. That lever is a partIf the bucket switch. If the buckets put back correctly it will make contactwiththat switch. And would send a signal to the computer to let it know it si safe to operate.
Jon Grella : If the switch is bad it will give you that error code you are getting.
Jon Grella : So try to press it in withyou finger. Just to see how it works. Then plug the unit back in and hold down the power button or start button for ten seconds.
Jon Grella : Then let go and put the bucket back in place.
Jon Grella : Then try to run the machine. If the error codes come back then you need a control lard and sensor. If they don't comeback them all you needed to do was reset the control board by unplugging it and holding down the power or start buttons, onthos machine it is common for the control board to short out like it has. And to fix you just need to reset it.
Jon Grella : Try that and get back to me
Jon Grella : POP toy still need more help justgetback to me here. But if you feel that I have helped you please remember to rate my performance below with atleast a got the job done or better rating. So thatsay I can get credit for helping you.
Jon Grella : Thanks

Yes, Sears Kenmore Pump System Dehumidifier


In behind the tank, says type 129-25804

Jon Grella : Thanks let me lookout up for you now. That seems like a good number

I entered that before I read your suggestion above. I'll wait to hear from you next before trying what you said above.

Jon Grella : Ok finally found it. Thanks for bearing withme.
Jon Grella : Now does the machine run normally when you get the error coeds? Or does it stop when they come up?

Machine seems to be running normally - these codes just keep alternating on the panel.

Jon Grella : Ok if the machines running normally andi pulling the. Posture into the bucket still. Then it is a problem withthe control board.
Jon Grella : You have two options here. You can replace the shorted control board or just leave it until it breaks further.
Jon Grella : Depending on how much you paid for this machine it may not be worthitOk for youto fix it. The stor thboard is about $100. And anew ones just a little bit more. So it may be wiser to leave it alone for now andthe it dies just replace the whole machine.
Jon Grella : They usually loyal standout 7 years or so anyway. That is about all you get out of these kind of appliances anyway these days.
Jon Grella : If you need any more help please get back to me here. Other wise if you feel that I have helped you please rate my perfrpmance below before logging out with atleast a got the job done rating. And if youhave more questions I can still help you for no extra charge.
Jon Grella : Thaks again.

Should I still try the 'reset' procedure you described above, or just leave it if running OK?

Jon Grella : Try the reset. It can't hurt. Andif it doesn't work. Just leave it alone.
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Thanks again.