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Have a Moffat 6 cycle top loading washing machine Model MHDSE165H0WW Washer

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Have a Moffat 6 cycle top loading washing machine Model MHDSE165H0WW

Washer fills with water, aggitates and completes wash cycle, drains completely, then starts spin, however, motor runs for a few seconds but spinning does not happen. Machine stops, and lights flash for about 2 minutes, repeats process. Lid is not locking when spin cycle starts.

We are at our cottage 40 miles from black top road and 3 hours, one way, from nearest repair man, so taking it somewhere, or having a person come here are very formidable ideas.

Need info to be able to figure out ourselves if it is the lock, which of the two lid switches is bad, or is it both?

Appreciate your assistance.
Hi it sounds as though you have a faulty lid lock mechanism.
Thats exactly what will happen if it has failed.The lid lock is to prevent the spin cycle in the event the lid is open.
Its easy enough to replace if you are handy and have some basic hand tools.
In this way you will save a lot of labor and trip charge from a repairman:-)
I can walk you through this when you have the new part, the lid lock mechanism. I will still be available after the rating:-)
You can order a new replacement from:

Thank you and have a great day!
Tech Michael

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Please the "lid lock mechanism" inclusive of both the back and front closure pieces, or is it refering to only one of these, the front or back?


Also please clarify..that if I rate you now and we need your assistance after we receive the new piece that I do not have to pay again for that?



Hi, As for the parts, i would replace the entire lid lock mechanism.
The parts you need are included in the kit;-)
As far as you rating me, no, you will not be charged again but I will be available to you to help with the install.
When you accept with the rating, it will allow me to set up a free of charge follow up with you so we can continue this until the machine is functioning as it should.
I hope this helps you understand how it works.
Have a great day!
Tech Michael
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