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Bryan, Home Appliance Technician
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Why isnt the fridge cold though the freezer works?

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Why isnt the refrigerator cold while the freezer section is working fine? Is it a problem that can be repaired at a reasonable cost, or should I get a new one?

Hello, Thank you for using this service, I will be helping you with your problem today.

Can you get us the make and model number?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

It's a GE Profile 21.6 Cu ft with identification of TBX22PA. Does that help?

Yes. ok, can you open the freezer and tell me if the fan inside is running?

Also check behind the food in the freezer is there frost on the back panel? Look real good.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

The fan is running and there is NO Frost on the back panel.

Okay you need to check and see if there's any airflow from the freezer to the refrigerator section all the cold air comes from the freezer.

In the back of the fresh food section there is a vent the air flows through. Is there any air flowing ?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

There is airflow and now it feels cold in the main part of the frige. It's like taking your car to the mechanic but then it doesn't make the weird noises anymore.

Alright, well what I think your issue is that you may be low on freon. This can be an expensive job. If there's airflow but the refrigerator section isn't cold enough the freon is low. At this point your looking at around $200- $300 to find the leak and recharge this. I

t may not be worth putting that kind of money into but you would need an HVAC tech to do it. Its up to you. From what your telling me I believe thats the issue. I wish I had better news, sorry.

Hope this helps in your decision though.

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