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I have Asko stackable washer/dryer units. The dryer is Model

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I have Asko stackable washer/dryer units. The dryer is Model T761 and I believe the washer is T661. They were in storage for several years and I recently installed them at a vacation home. After about three loads the dryer lost power. The washer was still powered through the outlet of the dryer so I deduced that the fuses had blown. I replaced the fuses in the dryer with those in the washer to test my theory and the dryer blew those fuses as well. Should I start by replacing the fuse and holder in the dryer, and since I also blew out the washer fuses, what is the best way to replace those (just the fuses or fuses and holders also). Thanks.
Hello Chris and thanks for choosing the Appliance category.

  • You first need to determine the cause of the short circuit.
  • The fuse is there to stop the electricity from causing a fire.



  • The most common cause of a short is the heating element burning out and falling from its holder to short to the housing.
  • Click the link below.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Do you have any links as to how to access the heating element on this particular model and the level of difficulty. Also, do you know where I can purchase just the fuses to replace the ones I took out of the washer? One thread I read earlier said the fuses can blow because of the holder, which is spring loaded, had degraded. Does it make sense to replace that part first.

  • Get matching fuses from the hardware store.
  • You should also get a digital multimeter for troubleshooting this problem.


romr2009 and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
  • Let me know when you get the meter so we can continue.