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Can the touch Panel be repaired. I have replaced the EOC on

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Can the touch Panel be repaired. I have replaced the EOC on a Kenmore/Frigidaire Gas Stove and have the same issue F11-ERR. The panel is very expensive ~$400. I'm hoping that I could disassemble the panel and clean contacts. do you think this is possible. The part number of the panel is XXXXXXXXXX
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You can definitely try to take the control panel off and clean the connections on the touchpad, although I've never heard of this working. You really can't take the touchpad apart, but you can try to clean the ribbon cable where the cable plugs into the EOC with alcohol. I wouldn't expect positive results, but it's worth a shot. Generally when you get this F11 error, the touch control panel just gets replaced.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Are there any tests for the Touch panel to verify that it is faulty. Like verifying resisitance to each key with a OHM metter or some other diagnostic I could perfrom on the stove.


The touch panel is very expensive and hard to locate in stock at various parts supply houses.

There are no tests at all for the touchpad unfortunately. It's not the same as the way old touchpads were designed. There are no diodes in line with the resistant pads which cause the meters to give you a false reading. I know the part is expensive, but this is the same any technician would need to do if they came to your house. F11 actually means there is a communication error between the electronics and that isn't testable. The error can be between any of the boards and the touchpad so it's just a guessing game. I'd definitely be ordering the part at a place that accepts returns or call a technician out so they can return the parts if they're not needed because manufacturers aren't making communication errors testable so you need to just use your best judgement and guess a bit.

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