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camco/ge dishwasherHi the middle spray arm will not spin

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camco/ge dishwasher
Hi the middle spray arm will not spin but the others (top and bottom) spin fine. Bought a new one spun for awhile then no longer does.

Jon Grella : What is the full model number of the machine?
Jon Grella : I can better help you when I have the diagrams of the machine in from to of me. But to do that I need the full model number found in the machine. Please post to me back here with the full model number
Jon Grella : And usually when a wash arm inside a dishwasher is not spinning or operating properly it is for two reasons. First being the pump either clogged or not working. The pump is what send the water to the spray arms. If it is clogged then the pressure is to weak to make the arms move. If that is the case it needs to be thoroughly cleaned out.
Jon Grella : Second is the way the dishes are stacked in the dishwasher racks. If there is lets say I straw from a cup sticking down the middle rack when the arm goes to rotate it will hit the straw and prevent the wash arm from moving or rotating
Jon Grella : So be careful to check for utensils or other objects that get in the way of the wash arm.
Jon Grella : Hello
Jon Grella : There how are you?
Jon Grella : Do you have the full model number found just inside the machine on the sticker on the side wall?

I am fine thanks gettin some rain in the gta tonight.

model # XXXXX about 5-6 years old from future shop.

Jon Grella : Thanks let me look it up now. Did you check to make sure that nothing was blocking the arm?

seems good pressure top and bottom spray arms but have not tried cleaning the pump area. there is a tube running up the back wall.


Jon Grella : Yes. That is correct. The tube running up the back wall of the dish is how the water gets to the spray arms from the pump down below. Make sure that the middle rack is fully closed back to the wall or else the water will not full get into the arm assembly
Jon Grella : Run this test for me please
Jon Grella : Take four glasses, preferably the same size and stick them in each corner of the rack. Right side up. Then set the dishwasher to a normal cycle. Let it fill and then let it wash for about a minute. Then open up th dish washer and check to see how much water is collected in the glasses.
Jon Grella : If the glasses are at least half way full then it is good. Meaning the pump is working correctly. Otherwise, if the glasses a not at least half way full or not full of any water then we know we need to check the pump for either a clog, which would block the water from getting to the middle spray arm. Or the pump may just be damaged and has only enough pressure to get to the lower arm.
Jon Grella : The upper arm in your case spins regularly. But not much water comes out of it from the pump. It actually doesn't do much of anything really. So don't worry about that for now. Just focuss on the middle arm.
Jon Grella : Run that test and tell me what you have in the glasses
Jon Grella : And I will then tell you how to clean the sump pump
Jon Grella : Alos just a side pointer, when opening the door to look at the glasses and how full they are, take note of if the wash arm has moved at all. Usually what I do is before I start the cycle I set the wash arms in a 12 to 6 o'clock position. Tis way when I open the door to check after the cycle has started I know if they have moved or not.
Jon Grella : Are you still with me?

ok tried the test the back left glass had a cm the front right has nothing. i am 99% sue the middle spray arm has not spun for a week I have tried the old open the dorr during the cyle quickly and I can see the top and bottom spin freely but only a little water come out the middle one and it never spins.


Jon Grella : Also after you check the wah arm in the above test. And check to see how full the glasses are, if they turn out to be not full at all, then make sure the conduit arm that runs from the spray arm under the rack and attaches to the tube That runs to the back and down to the motor below, it is called the conduit main, is connected fully. Meaning that when you push the upper rack back it has to come in contact with the tubing and Hook up so to speak to allow the water to pass through. Make sure it is connected and not floating away from it.
Jon Grella : Ok.
Jon Grella : Great
Jon Grella : Well not great. Because there is a problem here.
Jon Grella : You know what I mean lol
Jon Grella : Lest check the lower conduit that runs under the rack that connects to the main conduit. Is it fully coming in contact with each other?

ok pushed top rack all the way back and i can feel with my fingers that it is in contact with the outlet. I was wondering if the part on the rack can wear out and provide a crappy seal?


Jon Grella : Sometimes if the dish washer gets tilted towards the front of the machine, the rack will just roll out if the door is opened, and this will cause the pressure to be nonexistent to the wash arm. Meaning the water that is supposed to go to arm just falls out of the main conduit at the point where it is supposed to connect to the upper conduit under the rack. Then is dead to the middle wash arm
Jon Grella : Yes. It can sometimes pleat out and give you a bad seal. And cause weak pressure to the arm.
Jon Grella : But we will get to that in a minute.
Jon Grella : If it makes good contact great.
Jon Grella : One quick question though
Jon Grella : If you open the door to the dish washer and just gently tap the middle rack, does it start to move forward on its own? Or will it stay in place?
Jon Grella : I want to see if the rack is separating itself from the conduit
Jon Grella : Try that for me now quickly, thanks
Jon Grella : You are doing great so far by the way.
Jon Grella : Let me know if the rack is opening and coming out on its own.
Jon Grella : And by the way the fact that the glasses a not full and some have more water in them then others, is evidence that the water is definitely not getting to the spray arm.
Jon Grella : So in a minute I am going to have you check the filters below the bottom rack and the pump itself to see if it is clogged in one minute.
Jon Grella : I can even show you a video of what to do . But need to know about the top rack first. Is it moving out on its own?
Jon Grella : Are you still there?
Jon Grella : If the rack is not moving out then check the conduit that is under track to make sure that no food is clogged in it preventing the water from making the arm move. If there is food or any other debris in it clean it out and try again, if the arm moves after that then you are good.
Jon Grella : But of there is no food in the conduit under the rack then I would have check the filter in the base of the tube. Remove the lower wah arm then unscrew the screws holding the filter cover to the pump and check to make sure the sump pump is not clogged with food or debris. If it is clean it out. The retry the machine if that then fixes the problem then ou are good. If it doesn't or if there was no food down there then ou need to replace the sump pump

sorry there seems to be server problems

I can read your suggestion

Jon Grella : It is part number Wd26x10015 and should cost about $200. It can be order at either or
Jon Grella : I realize this is an expensive part. And if the dish is more then 5 years old I would not recommend replacing it. I would just sinc that money into another dishwasher. It would only cost you about $300-$400 to get one brand new.
Jon Grella : I see that there are server problems I was not able to see your response earlier until now. Can you see mine now?
Jon Grella : Let me know if you can't see my posts?

working now.

for this model dw there are no screw to get at pump on top did you find diagram for my model #


I checked upper rack tube all clear.

I have never cleaned down below since I could never figure how to get screen off without breaking something

Jon Grella : I have the model diagrams now
Jon Grella : Just remove the filter by first removing the lower spray arm simply by pulling up and rotating it. Next you will need to remove the upper rack and rear or main conduit by either unclip ping it from the clips that hold it in on the back of the dishwasher or by removing the screws in it. If you have screws then there would be one near the top wash arm and then one in the main conduit area about 6 inches above the lower wash arm assembly
Jon Grella : After the racks are out and the bottom wash arm is out. And the conduit is either unscrewed or unclipped and is ready to be removed you then have to go back down to the pump area. Under the lower wash arm is the nut hub. Simply a piece of plastic that just lifts out of the way. Now sometimes the nut hub can come out when you are removing the lower wash arm. So if you don't see it in your machine under the wah arm don't worry about it. Next under the nut hub holding the fine filter to the pump down is the Venturi conduit main nut. This is the piece where the moan conduit that runs the back of the dish washer, that send the water to the top arms, is connected to a the pump. It is locked into place. So all you need to do is twist it out and off. Usually it is easier to twist it clockwise to release it. If done right it will release after about a quarter turn. You will feel it lossen and just come out all in one piece.
Jon Grella : After that is out you can them just remove the fine filter to the pump and check to see if there is any food or debris in the pump area.
Jon Grella : If there is remove it. But be careful when sticking your hand down there. You could have broken pieces of glass or bone and could cut yourself so look out.
Jon Grella : But of you find anything clean it out and reassemble the machine in reverse order. Then restart it. And if that creates more pressure for you and allows the middle wash arm to spin then great that is all it needed was a good cleaning. Which I am sure it needs if you have never done it before.
Jon Grella : But of that doesn't fix the problem you will need a new sump pump motor. And again that is part number wd26x10015 and should cost about $200. And can be orderd from either or

can you get me those diagrams somehow.. Thanks you have been a great help. got conduit loose but how is it connected at the bottom?

Jon Grella : It just twists out of the way. It has to be disconnecte from the top and middle from the support clips in back though first
Jon Grella : Here is a good video showing you how to do so.
Jon Grella : It is not of the same model as yours but all the conduits are the same and this will show you how to remove it. Just focus in on about 1 minute in on the video where he takes out the center conduit.
Jon Grella :
Jon Grella : Please again beside to remove the middle rack
Jon Grella : Then the conduit from the clips before trying to remove the conduit from the motor area.
Jon Grella : Watch the video it will show you how to do it.
Jon Grella : Let me get you the diagrams
Jon Grella : The conduit that allows the water to get from the lower wash arm to the middle wash arm is labeled number 585 in the following diagram.
Jon Grella :
Jon Grella : This is the part in the video that you need to remove after removing the racks and lower wash arm to gain access to the pump.
Jon Grella : It is the part that clips in at the top and center of the back of the machine. Unclip that then twist the bottom part that icon the center of the pump area. It will come off giving you access to the sump.
Jon Grella : Here is the diagram of the sump area in your machine. And the part you need to twist clockwise to get the conduit off is labeled number 450. It is the same part in the video the guy twists clockwise to get off.
Jon Grella : This is the part you need to remove after removing the racks and lower wash arm to get access to the pump.
Jon Grella : After that is off the fine filter can be pulled out and under that is the pump
Jon Grella : Just look in there for any food or debris
Jon Grella : On some models you can just remove part labeled 506 which is the drain filter cover to remove any debris in the filter there by the drain. And this will give th motor more pressure to move the arms. Just again, became full when checking
Jon Grella : Here to remove the drain pump filter number 506 just remove the two screws holding it down, and again on some models there are no screws just need to pull up, and check of there is anything clogged in there.
Jon Grella : In either case just check the sump or drain area for any clogs. If to find any clean it out. If not you will need the motor assembly
Jon Grella : If you feel that I have helped answer your question be sure to rate my performance below before logging gout tonight.
Jon Grella : And of you have any other questions you can still get back to me here and I will hell you more.

ok thanks I still can't get the plastic nut off. (think 450). it is frozen.

got the nut off should be good.


if it works we accept

The chat feature was not working correctly but you can get back in touch with me here tis way.

Just post back the same way you would earlier and I will see that you have posted and respond back to you again.

Check the filters and the pump area and the drain area like I explained above. And remember to use the video as a reference as well. And the diagrams were also included too. S you can look at those to help also.

Please get back to me and let me know what you have found.

And if you feel that I have answered your question please remember to rate my performance below before logging off.

Thanks again.
You got it

Please remember if after cleaning out the machine the wash arm still doesn't turn then you need a new motor pump assembly.

And that will fix your problem. But you will most likely find that it should work after cleaning it out.

Be sure to accept and rate my performance below.

Thanks again.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Jon,

Had to go to bed. Found lots of crap in the bottom. Will stick shop vac down their tonight. Cleaned some chunks out by hand but middle spray arm will still not spin. How tight should that screw be for the spray arm be anyway?

Will not get a chance to fix till me son goes to bed at 9pm.


Sorry for the late response

The screw should be on good under the arm. If you tap the spray arm it should spin easily though.

I you think the screws is holding the arm onto tight you cantry loosening it. Just make sure the spacer is installed before the arm.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Jon,

There is no spacer to put beween the rack and spray arm. Maybe there should be one? Could you find part # XXXXX model gsd6260kww.

I will check tonight after 9pm.


The spacer is called a bearing and it is part number wd01x10209 and should cost about $2. It can be purchased from the same places.

This is the plastic piece that fits into the center part of the wash arm. The screw goes through that piece.

In any case the arm should spin freely and should not be on too tight. That might be your whole problem.

Get back to me when you get a chance tonight and will try to find a video in the meantime to show you.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
wrong part # XXXXX like the one for the upper spray arm i need the middle one
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

wrong part # XXXXX like the one for the upper spray arm i need the middle one.

That is the part for the middle spray arm.

Here is a link to the diagram of your machine

The part that is the bearing is diagram number 568 and the wash arm is number 570.

Is that not the wash arm and bearing in your machine?
Here is another link to a different but similar model to yours

Does this match your wash arm and pieces better?
After clearing out the sump and the drain did you run the machine again?

And if you did, did the arm spin?

If you just lightly tap the arm does it move? If not, the screw may be onto tightly. It should spin easily. So if it doesn't then it is installed wrong or you may be missing some parts.

Get back to me and I will help you more.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
ok we are getting closer was on the phone with parts guy. He helped me find the mod # XXXXX different from what I gave you. part for new site looks like #610 ps3493594. And I just stripped the plastic with the upper screw on the upper arm.. So I have to get that part as well since the upper spray arm does not spin anymore. So I know the pump is good it is the bearing and screw tork that has to be perfect. Just need to get the right parts. My mod # XXXXX not come up anywhere so i just pick the closest # XXXXX mine I guess.

Sounds like we are getting somewhere. Just match the number as close as you can get.

The last diagram looks the closest to your model? Then you can order the parts directly from them.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Well well the second part place no longer stocks the part and sears will not ship to canada. Do you know of any others parts distribtors for GE? I guress I can always call GE.

You can get part from They have a warehouse in Canada and will definitely ship to you.

But of for some reason they don't you can definitely get it by calling GE directly and have them ship it to you.

I would try marcone first. Their number is(NNN) NNN-NNNN But you could also go to their website and just in put the part number and the info will come up.

Let me know if you have any other trouble and I will help you more.

Thanks again. Let me know how you do.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
damm discontiued there as well
If the part has been discontinued with no known replacement it is going to be hard to find the part. But I will check my parts warehouses and get back to you.

You can try of find it at amazon or eBay. Maybe we'll get lucky and some one will have it.

I will get back to you by tomorrow night.
It looks like marcone has the part you need to fix the spray arm. It comes as kit withthe spray arm, hub, bearing and nut. It is part number wd35x10054.

I would call marcone back with that pat number and have them send it to you.

You can also find the And here is a link to the picture.

Please let me know if you can't get it and I will help you more.

Here is a link to marcone and their warehouses in Canada. Please call the one that's closest to you and ask if they have the part I listed above.
Jon and 2 other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

ok got it probably the last one.

I will also stick a coat hanger up the inner tube incase something is clogging it.

Thanks for you help.


Just let me know if you have any trouble getting the part and I will help you more.

Thanks again.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Pretty sure I accepted yesterday how long does the process take on your end before you are paid?
Yes. You did accept my answer. Thank you.

I get paid at the end of the month. Please don't confused by my signature at the end of the emails when it ask you to rate my performance and accept my answer if you feel that I have helped.

Know that youhave accepted.

Please get back to me if you need anything else.

Thanks again. And please don't feel like you need to accept again.