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Baked chicken and forgot to first rinse off the oven cleaner

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Baked chicken and forgot to first rinse off the oven cleaner applied 10 months ago!!!!
I applied oven cleaner inside the oven about 10 months ago at my parents house while visiting and my son just cooked me a birthday chicken dinner and we realized no one ever rinsed out the oven after i left last year!!!!....i think i used a home made mixture of some kind like baking soda....but then again i might have used easy can i tell? Do the chemical properties weaken after all these months? We did not smell any fumes and i don't see the blue color anymore. Can we eat the delisious chicken dinner? .
Hello and thank you for using this service.

The easiest way to tell is it would smell and easy off oven cleaner typically turns yellow over time. It would stink even after that many months and be a yellowish thin powder color. If it was baking soda it would still be white as it does not turn yellow and does not smell at all. It sounds like you are ok!
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