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How to test Troubleshooting 561CJ060-A compressor. Trips b

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How to test Troubleshooting 561CJ060-A compressor. Trips breaker.
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The easiest way is to measure between all three terminals. First make sure power is off...there is three leads that supply power to compressor...they should be Yellow Black and Red....make a diagram where these leads connect on your unit and then disconnect them...You will need a multi meter to check ohms of resistance...Yellow is usually the common lead...attach one meter lead to touch other meter lead to black lead...should read somewhere between 1 to 4 touch the meter lead to the red wire...should read somewhere between 3 to 7 read from yellow lead to side of compressor...if you get any reading then compressor is grounded and needs to be replaced...if you get no reading there, reconnect lead and see if compressor will run...if it will not then if could be possible capacitor is bad

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Sorry lost my Internet connection. I have 3 wires from compressor, they are yellow, black and blue. I assume the blue would be same as red you describe. I get 0.6 k ohms between yellow and each of other wires. Get same reading between yellow and ground. Dosent make any sense to me. Am I doing something wrong? Leade are connected to only compressor.
Sorry that was misleading, you need to measure between the terminals where the wires were hooked up.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

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